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ergo - bio - fit kit(4 posts)

ergo - bio - fit kitWild Bill
Mar 30, 2001 4:51 AM
Help!!! I neede my bike to fit me.I am 5'7".
My inseam is 31 3/4" in my sock feet.From my crotch to my knee it is about 12 1/2"From the floor to my knee it is 19"
Sitting on the floor my back is 26' to the top of my sholder.
From under my arm pit my arms are 31'. From sholder to sholder I get 16 1/2" I wear a 9 1/2 shoe(43)
My bike is a Trek 5900 USPS 52cm. Frame(this is the perfect frame for me due to stand over hight.)
It has 170 cranks. I put a 42" bar on it. also I put a 120stem for my reach. I have an Easton carbon swept back post, and a Koobi TRI saddle. Two sets of wheels, Rolf Vector Pro's and Sestriere's that came with the bike.
I have Carnac Quartz shoes and Speedplay pedal system.
The bike is set up close, but no cegar.After 40 miles me ass is ready to kill some one!!!!!Please help Wild Bill
Mar 30, 2001 10:54 AM
I'm not sure if you're asking what other bike to buy or what to do to make this one fit better. Is it just your a$$? If so, that could be the seat, so try a different one or adjust it. Or it could mean you're sitting too upright and hence putting too much pressure there; if so, try a 130 stem.

Warning: Do not read what's below unless you meant you are planning to get another bike; don't want to make you feel bad or anything:

I've said it before and I'll say it yet again, but Trek plays weird games with its sizing, resulting in a long top tube for its real frame size when using more standard measures, and hence more suited for those with very good reach for the correct real size. Many size down to get the right top tube only to find the drop to their handlebars too severe. Your 52 frame size is more like a 49 c-c and a 50.3 c-t by others' standards. The 120 stem you have on is rather large for a bike with that size top tube (53.1). It should be more like a 100. So I'm guessing you're too big for that size bike, possibly causing you to sit too upright. You said your frame is perfect for you because of the standover height. Well, the Trek catalog lists your bike's standover as 29.7 inches (75.4 cm). Adding two centimeters (for shoes/cleats) to your inseam in socks gives you a (shoe) inseam of 82.6 cm, or around 32.5 inches. So your clearance over the bike is 2.8 inches, a little on the long side. A clearance of 1.25 to 2.25 is more standard. You could go up several centimeters in sizes and still be OK. If you are staying with Trek, the size 54 has a 54.5 TT and standover of 30.3 inches, still giving you over 2 inches of clearance. Even the 56, with a TT of 56.1, has a clearance of 31.1, so you'd still have 1.4 inches of clearance. But you might find the reach too long. Or maybe not. Maybe test-ride them and see which size stems you'd need (remember, too, that for the same stem angle and spacers, the drop to the handlebars is getting smaller and smaller as the standover increases). If you try another company, you'd probably need more like a 54 c-t of top tube, or 52 c-c (or even 53), all having a much larger seat tube when measured c-t or c-c than your Trek.
fitWild Bill
Mar 31, 2001 10:01 AM
Thanks for the info> However with my cycling shoes on I can just feel the top tube, going to a larger frame would crack the egg's if you know what I mean. If anything 50-51cm would be perfect.
I have a long upper body and short legs.
Apr 3, 2001 4:10 AM