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First race: what tools to bring?(8 posts)

First race: what tools to bring?patrick from seattle
Mar 29, 2001 12:13 PM
I'm riding in my first race in a week (Ridge to River in Wenatchee Washington - a short 19 miles as a relay leg), and I'm wondering what kind of tools to bring. Here's what I'm thinking, am I missing anything?

Patch kit
Tire irons
CO2 inflator (16g?)
Alien multitool
Clif bar for munchin'
Water bottle

I've got a very new road bike, and I've never changed a flat on it yet, so I was thinking about doing a practice run to make sure I don't goof it up. I also have thought of making sure my tools are compatible. I have Campy Veloce components on this bike, and up til now, I've worked on Shimano MTB stuff. I know that Campy has some oddball stuff now and again, and I'm wondering if that will trip me up. Can I use the same chain tool on my Alien if I bust my chain on the road? Is there anything else I need to familiarize myself with before this race?

I never bring tools on road races....J.S.
Mar 29, 2001 12:26 PM
because if you flat or have a mechanical your race is essentially over, just wait for the sag. But in your case where you are a part of a relay group and getting to the next leg is important, I would probably stick to a tube, tire irons(if the tire is tough to get off) and 16g co2. I can't imagine needing any tools for only 19mi but if your more concerned with finishing than being first you might as well bring everything listed, no harm really.
Water, tube, lever, inflatorBipedZed
Mar 29, 2001 1:50 PM
I agree with with everything JS said.

In addition, I would also say for only 19 miles you should only bring a half water bottle. It's too short for you to burn through your glycogen stores so refueling on the bike will be pointless. Just make sure you're hydrated and fueled up before you start the leg. Eat a Clif bar an hour before your estimated start time.
re: First race: what tools to bring?doc (the real one!)
Mar 29, 2001 6:04 PM
I suggest not bringing any tools at that distance
first of all it is a RACE as light as possible're weighinng youself down with all the tools thus negating the point of buying a nice light roadbike....

two, DO NOT worry about the chain if something happens to your chain you will not be able to fix it within a short amount of time and its a road race not a mechanics race PLUS that is why you buy quality parts

three, your bike is not going to suddenly fall apart when it sees youve entered a race and youre stepping on her pedals... she's going to ride under you just like she always has....

four, you have nice quality tubes and use them...use the tires to keep traction when you steer away from potholes and broken glass...otherwise nothing is going to happen to your tubes if you stay away from the two....if you havent just put new tubes in before a race(which is a point of idiocy that needs to be reckoned with) then they are not going to suddenly pop since they are not experiencing anything new....


six ...and most important....HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

now go get em tiger....

PS notice I didnt say anything against the mojo...I am an avid believer in the long as it is strapped to your stem or some version of that....
re: First race: what tools to bring?patrick from seattle
Mar 30, 2001 7:20 AM
Thanks all for the helpful comments. I can see that there's a range of opinion on what to bring and leave for this race. After reading everyone's comments, I think I'm going to go with:
1/2 full water bottle
CO2 inflator
tire irons

...and leave the rest in my shop. I like the idea of having faith in my steed. I've been commuting on a regular basis on it, and she hasn't failed me yet, so it's doubtful that it would happen during the race.
For the record, the bike is a Univega Modo Vincere with Campag Veloce bits. That's a lot of Italian to wrap your mouth around (even though Univega is right down the road in Kent). I haven't named her yet. I'll be mojo hunting this weekend.

Thanks again,
whats a MOJO?donalson
Mar 30, 2001 8:03 AM
just cerious :)

I hope to get to race, but I can't even seem to keep her going, right now my rear wheel is off to HED to be repaired or replaced...i'm hopeing i get my monthly bounus next week...i can get a pair of normal wheels :)...and if it's nuff i can get the trainer i'm looking at :)

sorry just had to ramble

MOJOpatrick from seattle
Mar 30, 2001 12:16 PM
A mojo is the good-luck charm you attach to your bike to give you positive vibes during your ride. I haven't selected one for my race yet, but I'm gravitating toward the free matchbox car I got in my wheaties box: Awesome Bill from Dawsonville, Bill Elliott. I think I'll zip-tie his car to my fork.

I'll let you know if that's my final choice.

re: First race: what tools to bring?fuzzybunnies
Mar 29, 2001 7:58 PM
Bring the tube, if you need the patch kit your race is already over, the co2 inflator and the water bottle, though you're probably better off with drinking up 1/2 hour before the race. If you're truely worried about the chain pack a small parktool chain tool and a sachs link. chains usually only break in mountain races and aren't much of a concern on the road. Just don't bring more than you can easily fit in your jersey pockets. TTFN