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Where do I put my cyclecomputer sensor?(5 posts)

Where do I put my cyclecomputer sensor?chris-baby
Mar 29, 2001 8:17 AM
I have a specialized wireless computer and I would like to know how far down the fork I should put the sensor. The manual says less than 2 feet. Does the distance of the sensor from the computer affect the readings of speed, distance, etc.? The way I have it set up now seems wrong to me, despite the fact that I entered the wheel size properly. Help!
Mar 29, 2001 8:41 AM
Depends where the magnet fits best on the wheel/where the best spoke/fork distance is to get a close pass between the magnet and the sensor. IMO the best bet is to set it up so that the mag and sensor are as close as they can be - i.e. that they can't start kocking together on a ride if one of them moves a bit - some people have them so that the distance is set by twisting the sensor away from the magnet on the fork - folly I think, as they always move a bit and start clicking together. The distance between S and C should make no difference at all.

Anywhere on the fork that you wantpmf
Mar 29, 2001 9:13 AM
Think about it. The magnet on the wheel passes by your fork at the same time no matter how close it is to the hub. The position has no effect on the functioing of your computer.

I have mine the same place on all my bikes so I can swap wheels easily.
Link to a related articleHelper
Mar 29, 2001 10:37 AM
here an article on the subject
Some answersDrD
Mar 29, 2001 3:50 PM
You have two things to worry about - the position of the fork sensor relative to the spoke magnet, which the other posters seem to have covered (generally, 1-5mm is good), and the second is the position of the fork sensor relative to the head unit - not sure for the specialized wireless computer, but for the wireless flightdeck, it has to be within 50cm vertically and 10cm horizontally (they sort of define a cone with a height of 50cm and a base diameter of 20cm - you want to be within that) - I think the best bet is to have the transmitter on the front of the fork - that way it has the clearest shot to the head unit.

The only way the distance will affect the readings is if the head unit can only intermittantly (or not at all) hear what the wheel sensor is telling it - other than that, the distance doesn't matter.