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Steel vs. Ti frame(4 posts)

Steel vs. Ti frameSteve Wyatt
Mar 29, 2001 8:03 AM
I have been looking at the new Lemond Victoire ti bike and the Zurich, same geometry and components, but Reynolds 853 tubing instead of titanium. I am a recreational rider in Colorado and like to do long rides in the mountains. It is difficult for me to tell a lot of difference in the ride on only a test ride. Could you shed some light on whether there would be a signicant difference in comfort or performance between the two on extended rides.

I like the idea of a ti frame but question whether a thousand dollar difference in cost is really worth it.

My current bike is a 15 year old steel frame built with Reynolds 531 and equipped with Shimano 600.

Thanks in advance,
Steve Wyatt
re: Steel vs. Ti frameKerry Irons
Mar 29, 2001 3:27 PM
Time to contact Lemond and talk to their tech. experts. While the bikes have the same frame angles, it's possible that they have significantly different design goals for ride. Tubing diameter and wall thickness, plus any butting, swaging, shaping, tapering, etc. can make a great deal of difference in ride between two bikes with the same geometry. It's possible that your LBS (or where ever you're planning to buy the bike) could discuss the differences intelligently, but it's at least as likely that they would have no idea of the differences other than "this one's lighter" or some such. Bike sales people have even been know to make things up and pass on nonsense from someone else (who probably made it up) as a subsitute for actual knowledge. On this issue, I would go right to the horse's mouth and get the pitch from Lemond. Once you've heard what they have to say, then you can make your choice based on the pros and cons. The frame material alone will not determine the answer to your question.
re: Steel vs. Ti frameColnagoFE
Mar 30, 2001 7:27 AM
short answer is "no" you won't be able to rell much diff if both fit you. where you at in CO? If around the Boulder/Denver area you have TONS of choices for a good LBS. I'd get fitted and then look for bikes. Lemonds can have really long Top tubes and dont always fit everyone. Also for TI Lemond is not exactly the first bike everyone thinks of.
re: Steel vs. Ti framesae
Apr 6, 2001 9:08 PM
Please see Johan's comment on "Real men ride Real steel"...even Lance Amstrong joined in.