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H3 wheel or other HED?(3 posts)

H3 wheel or other HED?donalson
Mar 28, 2001 7:33 PM
I have a specialized tri spoke CF wheel, nice wheel but it's broken, I called em up and they sent me to HED, when I talked to HED they told me they can try and fix it, if it can't be they'll give me a deal on another my questions is should I stick w/ the H3 or go for the Stinger, or J2?'s my rear wheel if that makes a dif.

I live in Panama City FL and there is a lot of head winds when i'm near the beach, I plan on getting a set of clenchers for traning so this would only be for racing and long rides, i want to get into races and the bike legs of Tri's (have friends that want to do the other parts :)

so would sticking to the H3 be best bet?'s a sweet looking wheel and from what little i rode it it rode well, i just don't know if i should goto a wheel that can be trued as i'm 260LBS (i'm droping pretty quickly and should be just over 200 w/ in 6+ months :)

Mar 29, 2001 6:08 AM
The stinger is supposed to be the gnarliest of them all, according to some stuff I've read. H3 is real nice though. I have a H3 front that I like a lot (rear is a DEEP). No problems so far. Stiff ride and quite fast. Same as the Specialized.

BTW- you can get the H3 in clincher too, if that's what your looking for.
Mar 29, 2001 7:59 AM
I'm sticking w/ tubular,

I want these to be my race wheels, not to mention tubulars are so kewl :)...i was just at my LBS and saw a set of wheels i think i'm going to get Vuelta Styius Corsa, built on a sora hub, yes it's not top of the line, but hey they look strong, and i'm not to woried about weight as i'm a bigger weight factor than the bike right now, he wants 190 for the set w/ tires, tubes and's more than i want to spend right now, but i don't want to be w/out my bike for so long (who knows how long HED will have my wheel :(.

while i was there i asked about a set of rollers he had, Minoura Action MagRoller, he said a guy ordered it about a year ago and decided not to get it, so he wants it gone, he's asking $150, i'm going to see if i can't get home down to an ever 300 for the wheels and the trainer, its worth a shot :)