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Roadie falls for a mountain biker(1 post)

Roadie falls for a mountain bikerStarliner
Mar 28, 2001 12:44 PM
Met this French lady a while ago and found out she raced mountain bikes. So after several missed opportunities, I finally got to ride with her.

She doesn't have a road bike, so I rode my mountain bike to her house and then we rode together over to a local park with some pretty fine trails. On the way up the first big hill, my rear wheel hung up on a coconut-sized boulder stopping me cold. Not able to get my foot out of that damn SPD pedal fast enough, I toppled over onto my side.

Just before I began to turn red from embarrassment, I heard a sweet voice say, "sheet hoppens, are you OK?" and saw her big beautiful smile beaming at me. Too tickled by her charm to do anything else, I got up, resaddled and we resumed the climb.

Not to get into lengthy details on the day, but as someone used to the sight and smell of following after male a$$e$, let me just say that it was sure a treat to be chasing after her pretty, shapely, feminine butt/hips. On top of that, the fact that she really knows how to rock on those trails.

At one point we stopped for a breather. Standing next to her, the silly thought came to my mind that the only thing separating our naked bodies was just a flimsy millimeter or two of lycra. Yeeowww!!!!