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Boy, these forums have been boring lately! Anybody got anyth(19 posts)

Boy, these forums have been boring lately! Anybody got anythPaula Pezzo
Mar 28, 2001 9:06 AM
ing good??
I think I know why...Adamz
Mar 28, 2001 9:14 AM
The format of this new bulletin board is not as convenient as the previous one. In order to read a posted message and the responses you need to click one at a time. The old one you could view all the responses at once. I for one, do not enjoy reading the messages now just because I have to do so much clicking just to read messages.

The old board sure crashed alot but this one is simply no fun to use.

Maybe we need Jonah back for times like these nmPaula Pezzo
Mar 28, 2001 9:27 AM
Gotta agree with AdamzPaulCL
Mar 28, 2001 9:44 AM
The old board moved threads to the top as they were posted to. The format of this new board is not conducive to conversation. It rewards short threads. I miss the old 20 post threads where there was a real exchange of ideas, insults, and flames.
C'mon guys, quite whin'n about the board.shmoo
Mar 28, 2001 11:27 AM
It's getting old.

As has been brought up a dozen times, click on the leading post of the thread and then on "printer-friendly version of this topic" and you get virtually the same as "view-all" with the exception that you can't pull out a sub-post and respond to it. You have to go all the way up to the "back button" and click a whole one time for that. A little less convenient, but good enough.

For most recent responses on top. Sort by "latest response" at the beginning of each session. Again, a little inconvenient that you can't set it up to boot in that way each time, but still good enough.

I've seen about four of these forums change formats, and each time, it was met with a bunch of crap about how much better the old format was. Frankly, we're fortunate to have the thing at all. Get over it.
Gotta agree with PaulCLET
Mar 28, 2001 12:13 PM
While others complain about the printer-friendly thing, that is fine with me and close enough to what we had, but "latest response" is another matter. It's not really good enough, if for no other reason that not everyone entering the board clicks on it all the time, hence there are far fewer posts per thread. Gone are the days when the big hot topic stays at the top (remember the concealed carry thread? now that was entertaining!). It has changed the character of the board, nay, the very fibre of our existence.
What happened to Jonah anyway? Did he get banned? I thought heskimmer
Mar 28, 2001 2:26 PM
was pretty funny. He was probably just a bored MTBer and wanted to geta rise out of some uptight roadies. The tricycle thing was pretty good.
You mean Johan?mike mcmahon
Mar 28, 2001 2:55 PM
Johan was recently flushed out as a double-agent, posting on this board as Johan and the VN board as Keir. When I posted a review of my new bike on the VN board, Keir lauded me for going with a steel frame and Campy components but chastised me for my poor taste in wheels (Xaeros) and for having an "insanely high" bottom bracket. When it was pointed out to him by several posters that a 7.5 cm bb drop is on the low end, he mysteriously went missing. It was in this thread that similarities in Keir's and Johan's posts were pointed out by several on the VN board. Although I suspect they probably are the same person, we haven't yet heard it from the horse's mouth. Or is that horse's a$$? Please come back Johan; we miss you.
Mar 28, 2001 4:17 PM
Amen. BON lived in hot water.shmoo
Mar 28, 2001 5:36 PM
Kinda fun if you weren't the one he was rolling in the weeds with. I've never seen a guy who could piss so many people off so fast. Just couldn't help himself, I guess.

Of course, you realize, he could be back in under another name(s), and just behaving himself.

How about O2'nlungs?mike mcmahon
Mar 28, 2001 5:40 PM
He/she was another charmer. Based on writing style and content, I suspect that the person who posted the other day under the name Jerk may be O2'nlungs born again.
Yeah, whatever happened to BON?pmf
Mar 29, 2001 5:19 AM
I was wondering that a week ago. Has to have been the nastiest guy ever on this board.

Hey, there's a good thread --- most annoying poster ever.
BON bailed right after he promised to be niceDog
Mar 29, 2001 5:32 AM
We got all over him for being nasty. As soon as he promised to clean up his act, we never heard from him (by name, at least) again.

Remember, though, that he could very well have been here the entire time, just being nice, by another name.

OTOH, maybe the nastiness is all he was in it for. Maybe it was no longer fun without the flaming.

But computers are supposed to deal with...1EyedJack
Mar 28, 2001 8:50 PM
...the repetitive tasks that annoy/bore us to death. Why the h-e-doublehockeystick should we have to do the extra clicking? I love this board and the fact that the new one doesn't crash, but it needs a few slight functional modifications.

I'm going to do an analysis of the lost productivity that is a result of the move to the new board. Yes, I'm joking.

maybe everyone is riding more? :-) (nm)Dog
Mar 28, 2001 10:10 AM
A few reasons...nigel
Mar 28, 2001 10:28 AM
I've been wondering the exact same thing. You're not alone, Paula. (Shouldn't it be "Paola"?)

1) Winter blues. Can't ride as much, so not much new to report or ask about.
2) The new board format. Not nearly as many posts as before. I find that, even with my workplace's superfast connection, it takes forever to load most times.
3) People don't like or don't know about the "printer-friendly version of this topic" option. We can't "view all" anymore, but we can SEE all with this option, right on the screen; no need to print it out. Sure, responding is more cumbersome, but it's not so terrible.
4) Lots of the old familiars haven't been posting/replying as of late, possibly due to the above.

I've been disappointed with the board as well, especially the loading speed. SLUGGISH! Spring weather's almost here (in NYC, anyway). :)
re: Boy, these forums have been boring lately! Anybody got anythSkip
Mar 28, 2001 12:23 PM
Chronic case of "finger clickitis" due to over use of the mouse traveling back and forth within threads to respond.
re: Boy, these forums have been boring lately!Turtleherder
Mar 28, 2001 1:31 PM
I have noticed a thinning of the topics and number of responses for about the last three weeks. I attributed it to the weather finally cooperating in some parts of the country. Here in the midwest it's still 37 degrees and rain / snowing. So for us unfortunate souls still dealing with winter it is the duty of you riders in California and the south to continue to entertain us. Therefore, keep posting or else I put the curse of a thousand wind gusts on you!
if you are Paula Pezzo, I am Merlin Monrocyclopathic
Mar 29, 2001 7:06 AM
get off the drugs girrl!