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Bicycling magazine is actually decent this month(12 posts)

Bicycling magazine is actually decent this monthBipedZed
Mar 28, 2001 5:25 AM
In my opinion, the last few months Bicycling hit an all time low, but this month's (the last of my subscription) turns out to be pretty good. Interview with a very "confident" Lance Armstrong, fitness articles about EIA, etc. It's the first time in awhile when I didn't get pissed off at something in the magazine. While I won't be renewing my subscription anytime soon, let's hope this month is a turning point.

The all time most idiotic thing I've read in Bicycling: "Roof racks are stupid. Put your bike in your car." I guess Style Man doesn't have any friends.

I got my first issue of Cycling Plus this week also. Initial impression - lots of pictures of pasty fat guys riding bikes.
Pandering misquoteDCP
Mar 28, 2001 5:37 AM
I mostly agree, but I find the intentional misquote on the cover, something like Armstrong: "Face it, I'll win every year," when what he said was that if he could maintain his incredibly elite conditioning, he would continue to win, more than a little disconcerting. Kind of like the suggestive article titles on supermarket shelve magazines.
Misrepresentation is a Rodale trademarkCory
Mar 28, 2001 8:02 AM
Check Bicycling (or any other Rodale magazine) for a few months and count how many "stories" blurbed on the cover are either misrepresented ("Top Fitness In 2 Minutes a Day;" "Giant Quads in 30 Days!") or are tiny parts of columns ("Pro Secrets To Breakdown-Proof Your Bike" on a column that says "Check your tire pressure before every ride"). Add the slavish pandering to advertisers and the hokey 12-year subscription lapsed in November, and I don't miss it a bit.
Funny and true, Zed.nigel
Mar 28, 2001 6:58 AM
I dug your initial impression of C+; it was mine as well. Truth be told, it's still my impression. I've cancelled my subscrip, but not due to the quality of the mag; simply put, it doesn't give me what I want to read. Long, good articles, but too much "audax" (Still don't know what THAT is after a few issues!), off-road, touring, recumbents, folding bikes, and fenders for my tastes in a mag. "Pasty" does accurately describe the gents in the photos, though. :) I've found Cycle Sport to be more of what I'm after.

Re: Bicycling, Style Man can nibble my postride bum. Says some of the dumbest things ever. And to think that someone actually brought the idea up at an editorial meeting, meeting with great approval and congrats. Sad, man.

Hope you dig C+. Thanks for the laughs.
C+Velvet Gentleman
Mar 28, 2001 2:47 PM
: don't go dissing C+. It's been around for years, talking about sensible cycle paths and handy trail tools. We're all pasty in the UK, something to do with the weather I believe. Audax: bike racing where you can use mudguards without getting laughed at, and stop for cups of tea regularly. Going any faster than sedate is frowned upon. (wait for the flames....) If you want to know about a REAL bike mag, get Cycling Weekly; just for the astonishing Helms cartoons.
Great fluff for a buckAlan B
Mar 28, 2001 8:57 AM
You know, I keep reading all the stuff on Bicycling Mag here, and it is undeniably true that it is primarily newbie based (and having been out of the sport 10 years, I fit right in when I subscribed), but guess what? I DID renew my subscription. C'mon folks, it's only a BUCK! I don't follow the racing season closely, except TDF, but I do really enjoy riding my bike. For me, it's as much about mental health as physical fitness and I enjoy reading about other people just enoying the sport. The fitness stuff, at worst, suggests an occassional break in my routine, and Style Man? Well, next time I go mountain bike riding after a rainstorm I'll put my bike in HIS car! But in general I like the editorials, the reader responses to the questions on the last page, even some of the "feel good" stuff in the little colored blocks. Makes me think, "Yeah, I never thought about that, but the sound of a clean shift IS kinda cool!" Articles about TDF, expedition biking (I think it was in New Guinea), people who use there bikes for a living, especially in China . . . I ALWAYS find something to get my $1 worth. That said, the covers are HIGHLY misleading and offensive to me. They have enough real content, why do they have to do the supermarket tabloid thing.

OK, that's it. Flame away.
I agreeColnagoFE
Mar 28, 2001 12:40 PM
Bicycling is great crapper reading material. even if it's just for the pix...that red colnago dream+ the other day almost had me going to the store to order one just like it. i like looking at the bikes and the stupid advice i guess.
re: Bicycling magazine is actually decent this monthMarc in Montréal
Mar 28, 2001 9:27 AM
Hi! Decent this month... you say! One issue out of 12... Not very impressing! You are probably familiar with the "love" of europeans about "la petite reine" - the small queen - That's how the French call a bike. We, french speaking/reading people have so much choice of french bike publications: Le cycle, Vélo passion, Écho du vélo, Top vélo, Vélo vert, Vélo mag etc... that I actualy send you my sympathy for having such a dull bike publication... Salut! MARC
re: Bicycling magazineTurtleherder
Mar 28, 2001 1:49 PM
Sure most of it is banal crap but it still has something I want, pictures of bikes. It's great for the bike lust fix.
It actually took me longer than an hour to read this monthbianchi boy
Mar 28, 2001 4:45 PM
A new record. I enjoyed the interview with Lance Armstrong, despite the misleading blurb on the cover, and it was much longer and more in-depth than their usual fare. The article about riding across America was interesting, mainly because that's something I've always wanted to do, although as usual not very in-depth. For the cost of a subscription, it's worth it for the ads alone.

Regarding C+, I finally picked up a copy at Borders. It did have a lot more in-depth articles, but it's not worth $7.50 per issue for me. Much of the material seems pretty specific to Britain. It was fun reading it, however, just for a change of pace. I never thought I would see a road test on cranks -- and actually read it.
Rodale Press ...Breck
Mar 29, 2001 5:44 AM
In the "For What it's Worth" category, early Rodale Press offerings (pre-1970) were the monthly publication of ORGANIC GARDENING and books on gardening, composting, etc. The nice thing about OG was that the paper it was printed on you could compost it after reading. For a more political read by another publisher there was MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

I suspect the new generation of Rodales got into the bicycle mag for purely noble purposes in the beginning. That is, to promote bicycling (pedal power) by the masses. They did not foresee the MTB boom and the early road boom geared by the Olympic Bike race in Mission Viejo, California in 1984(?). I used to run this street and the 8.5 mile foot race on it before it was paved back in 1978. They now have changed the name to Olympiad Blvd.

Then Lance Armstrong of Plano,Texas (next door to Richardson, where I went to High School) riding out of Austin put some renewed interest into the equation.

Today's Mid-Fi athletic bicycling rags are very much like all mags pitching to the center of the bell curve whether they be Runner's World, Motor trend, Hi-Fi and Stereo Review, Popular Photography, etc. A sort of Boom Box approach so as to get the sales figures required. "Discriminating" True Hi-Fi addicts read TAS (The Absolute Sound) with great reviews the way they should be done, but who can afford a $5K component pre-amp?

You don't hear much any more about the "human ecology" of it. It's an auto world still with high performance and hybrid-car-truck-suv's leading the pack. An odd multi-faceted inter-mixed and over-laid culture we live in.

Bicycling Mag is historycoonass
Mar 29, 2001 4:57 PM
Unless you're into Off-roading, Bicycling Mag. is a waste of time and money....2 or 3 pics and 1 article do not make a road-bike mag...I dropped my subscription about 2 years ago and haven't regretted it (haven't even thought about it until now!!!!)....Rodale is notorious for beginning a good thing then completely changing it....Is their "Prevention Mag." still a 'senior citizen's Walking Mag.???...a long way from what it was intended....