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Shimano 600 upgrade to Ultegra 9 speed(6 posts)

Shimano 600 upgrade to Ultegra 9 speedJamis
Mar 27, 2001 8:06 PM
I have Shimano 600 component group and I'm wondering if an Ultegra 9 speed drive train upgrade would be compatible with the 600 groupo... I know the 600 group is essentialy a Ultegra group. Thanks.
re: Shimano 600 upgrade to Ultegra 9 speedfuzzybunny
Mar 27, 2001 9:05 PM
I don't think so. I know that Ultegra, Dura-Ace, and 105 can interchange parts....but not with the old models like the 600. Upgrade to a whole new groupset instead...Ultegra is a good on to start on. Just don't go lower than 105. Tiagra and Sora suck.
re: Shimano 600 upgrade to Ultegra 9 speedJohnnyP
Mar 28, 2001 6:10 AM
If your 600 stuff is 8 speed sti, then all you really need is shifters, 9 speed cassette and 9 speed chain.A 9 speed small chainring is often recommended,but not critical. The 9 speed front derailer has a slightly narrower cage, but the difference isn't critical.Your rear derailer will also work.A 9 speed cassette works on an 8 speed hub. If your 600 stuff is 7 speed, there are other considerations.
Spot onMel Erickson
Mar 28, 2001 8:30 AM
I upgraded from 8spd STI to 9 and replaced exactly the components you mentioned. Everything works well. Smooth shifts, no problems. 7 to 9 will involve more. New rear hub for sure, maybe a new wheel, maybe new derailluers, crank, etc. You would need to try your existing equipment out to see if it works to your satisfaction.
ChainringRick Holeman
Mar 30, 2001 8:02 PM
I am needing a spare 39T for my 600 (Ultegra) and am wondering if the new 9 speed ring will work OK on my 8 speed system without giving any shifting problems. Also does anyone have a ring to sell?
re: Shimano 600 upgrade to Ultegra 9 speedAer Jer
Mar 28, 2001 12:50 PM
Yes you can! I did it about a year ago and don't miss the shifters on the downtube at all.
I had 600 7 spd with downtube shifters. Got an Ultegra upgrade kit from Colorado Cylcling. Had to space the rear triangle at a bike shop for 9 spd which cost me another 50 bucks. This also required my rear wheel to be rebuilt for 9 spd.
If this sounds like your problem, then it can be done and you will enjoy the change! I'd recommend Colorado Cyclist. They talked it through with me on the phone and had me on my way with the right parts.
Hope this helps.