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Weird Chris King(4 posts)

Weird Chris KingHRH
Mar 27, 2001 11:14 AM
I just bought a 1" No Thread CK headset. There appears to be at least 1mm vertical space between the upper headset cup and the headset cap that sits on top of it. They just don't seem to fit on top of each other correctly.

The weird thing is I returned this headset and got another one from a 2nd source. Same thing!!! The CK tech support says its designed that way. But I'm not sure about this at all. Why does 1 1/8" on my MTB does not have this space.

Any Thoughts???
re: Weird Chris Kinggrz mnky
Mar 27, 2001 2:32 PM
Can't be.

Bolt it up, compress it, and you'll be fine. That's assuming that you don't have something in backwards. I'm thinking it's a lack of familairity for this application. Did you use the special adapters and follow their directions on installation? If you mess up the races/seals with a botched installation then you may have a problem

The stuff rocks and is totally bomb proof.
re: Weird Chris KingDrD
Mar 28, 2001 3:03 AM
Pretty much normal (if it helps set your mind at ease, I have a 1" King headset as well, and it's the same way - the gap should be uniform all the way around the headset) - if you take the headset apart, you'll see why it's that way (look for what portion is actually in contact with the bearing).

Also - by designing in a slight gap, the headset is a little more tolerant to any misalignment of the upper and lower bearings due to installation or a poorly faced headtube than it would be if there were no gap (in other words, if you are a little out of parallel, at least the headset can still turn freely without having the upper cup and cap rub on one another).
re: Weird Chris KingHRH
Mar 28, 2001 10:54 AM
The gap is uniform length all around.

That is what the CK tech support said as well. But if you have a 1mm gap, one rainy ride and the water will get to the bearings! Why don't they have it for the 1 1/8 headsets? Why don't other companies have the same gap?

I understand your arguments (about misalignment and etc.) but engineering an obvious flaw to remedy another flaw doesn't sound right. The headset seems to be working just fine but I'm telling you it just doesn't look right!