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Good entry level bike(10 posts)

Good entry level bikeROOKIE
Mar 27, 2001 6:07 AM
Does anyone have any recommendations for a new bike in the $500-$700 range? I'm new to road bikes, but I know I'm not going to get great components at this price level. I'm more concerned with the frame quality since I can always upgrade my components later.

I've been eyeing one of the KHS Flite 500's from, but am worried about not being able to ride the bike first(size concerns). Otherwise, this deal cannot be touched by any of my LBS's. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
re: Good entry level bikedonalson
Mar 27, 2001 7:31 AM
i was in the same boat you're in about a 2 months ago.

I looked at my LBS's and didn't see anything w/ a GOOD bang for the buck, either a real good frame w/ crap or a crap frame w/ good componets...while i was at one of my LBS's (the one i like) i saw a nice looking bike, had straight shimono 105 STI (i'd say eqivelent to LX MTB componets) a mid line (but good) steel frame, carbon fork, carbon wheels, and a profile was a real attention getter...the asking price $1000 ouch.

I asked if the price could be taken down a little, he added it up and said $ short i said ok...and now that bike is mine

granted the componets where lightly used (sub 200miles) and the wheels had ???miles, but the frame was new (he got a bunch of old stock from univega and this was one of the things) but he told me he had straightend the frame, (he showed me his papers on being a "certified" frame builder)

but i guess i'm rambeling,

just look around, and like a car if you see something you like don't be afraid to haggle the price a little.

(note...i'm no expert and just beginning in the road bike scene :)

mark aka donalson
try GVHbikes.comkeith m.
Mar 27, 2001 7:37 AM
I think Gary had Bianchi Giros for around $800 if you can cough up the extra bucks, it would be worth it. He has a few good deals like that. I recomend you check his web site, then give him a call.
Do you live anywhere near Performance Bike?Red
Mar 27, 2001 8:53 AM
Go to and check for local store locations. They carry the 500's and the 800's.

I rode a 500 recently and really didn't like it. I ended up buying a Performance brand r100 triple. Not a bad frame, lightweight AL and pretty good quality. Shimano 105 components. I was more worried about short term happiness than long term prospects as I love upgrading and replacing stuff so I figure i'll be getting a custom or lightweight frame eventually. :)

Check out performance, they have killer prices and they're having a sale on roadbikes now too.. you can get the KHS for a few bucks off I think.

Never buy any bike without riding it first. The 58cm KHS was too small, but the 58cm R100 fits like a glove. And yet I ride a 19" mtb. Ride the bike, and then figure out what size you need.
re: Good entry level bikeUnderdog
Mar 27, 2001 9:27 AM
Raleigh makes the R 500 in that range. Nice light bike. Tiaga comp.It got good reviews in Biking. They aren't avaliable yet, but should be out next month.
re: Good entry level bikedrew
Mar 27, 2001 10:24 AM
As far as staying in the $500-700 range, thats where I've been looking. The best two per the reviews have been the Trek 1000 or the KHS Flite 300.
Does it have to be new?Brian B.
Mar 27, 2001 3:30 PM
I know you said new, but does it really have to be? You could get a killer used bike for that budget... You can always test ride a similar-frame bike at the lbs to get a feel for size & geometry...
-Brian B.
Low price but good trekGeko420
Mar 28, 2001 8:28 AM
Trek makes a good entry level bike for 600 some. It is the 1000 I believe. Talk to a local dealer about the exact bike because I'm not sure.
re: Good entry level bikeBart
Mar 28, 2001 12:30 PM
You might look at the Bianchi Brava or the Jamis Aurora.

Decent bikes in your price range.
re: Good entry level bikeIan
Mar 28, 2001 4:55 PM
Fortunately, many manufacturers have come out with bikes in this price range. It opens up road cycling to many more people, like yourself. But, I would not expect to get a frame that you will keep and upgrade components on. A bike in this price range will be a good starter bike, but I would not hang any high-end parts on it down the line. Either look for a good used bike, or get the new one, but when the time comes to upgrade, just sell the whole bike and upgrade.