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Stripped Screw(4 posts)

Stripped ScrewDummy
Mar 27, 2001 5:35 AM
What have I done? I recently got a new ride and was putting bottle cages on it. No big deal, right? Well my two year old was running around trying to help his dad. Paying no attention to what I was doing until it was too late. I must have really cranked down on the thing and man is it majorly crooked.

Any advice. I can probablly get it in there but I'm fearful that I've just stripped this thing out. Does anyone know which goes first, the screw or threads you are screwing into? Yes I vow to never touch a tool again.
sounds like me...donalson
Mar 27, 2001 7:03 AM
i got my bike 2 weeks's been on 3 rides in that time, mostly due to time and time in the shop lol...

1st thing i did when i got it was take it out for a ride, then i rode it to work that night (i had the lights and stuff :)...the next day i decided i wanted to flip the stem, ended up striping the threads while trying to get the handels tight (bike shop told me they accidently put on the wrong size so they fixed it for free...before he relized it was to big he did something that your shop may be able to do for you...drill out the old threads and put new ones in (yes you can put not so strong threads back in the hole :) lol...

the other option i think you may have is have them re-braze the brazeons...either way take it to the shop you got it from and ask...can't hurt :)..

just's another trip to the store, the more of those you have the better the shop knows you, the more comfortable you are around the store, the easyer it is to ask ???'s and the more likely you'll find out when deals are comming :)

re: Stripped Screwgrz mnky
Mar 27, 2001 9:38 AM
I didn't catch your frame type or location of the problem. If it's something like a C'dale and a water bottle mount then a litte insert thingy called a "Riv-nut" is used since the Alu. is so soft. Same applies on a carbon frame. The riv-nut can spin in the frame or it may be stripped. In either case it can be replaced with the correct tools.

If the stripped item is elsewhere you can sometimes install a larger bolt after cutting the larger threads with a tap and the proper sized drill. Otherwise a heli-coil may be in order. It's a metal insert that gets threaded into the stipped hole and lets you use the same sized bolt. The use of a drill press is advised.

Best handled by a good LBS since it's probably not worth your while to buy the tools and you don't want to do any more "expensive learning". A frame builder or a machinist may be a good option if you don't have a shop that you can trust.

Buying a torque wrench may be helpful to "dial in" your feel for various sized bolts. Some things on a bike require a fair amount of force while others require a delicate touch.
re: Stripped Screwfuzzybunnies
Mar 27, 2001 7:16 PM
The threads on the screw will go first, try getting a slightly larger bolt. If it was the frame threads the longer bolt may catch them and hold, if it was the bolt having a new one that's slightly longer won't harm anything. As long as one bolt is tightened down the second won't need to hold too much and shouldn't be a major concern as long as it holds somewhat. TTFN