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Easton Carbon Fork and OCLV frame(3 posts)

Easton Carbon Fork and OCLV frameBadger Dave
Mar 26, 2001 11:27 AM
I have a four year old Trek 5200 OCLV with a 1 inch threaded quill stem. In looking to "update" the bike, without getting a whole new frame (I like the current frame, color and weight, but would like to lighten up the front end, as I was told the Air Rail forks are hefty), I am considering the new Easton Carbon fork.

At 185lbs+, would anyone out there think the way to go is the 1 inch threadless fork and headset? I would go Chris King or another higher quality threadless headset. Is this upgrade enough to shave enough weight to make it cost-feasible? Is the 1" vrs. the 1 1/8 really that big a difference?


Badger Dave
re: Easton Carbon Fork and OCLV framewisconsin tim
Mar 26, 2001 11:53 AM
dave. the 11/8 v 1 thing is meaningless. go ahead and lighten your current bike if you wish. most bikes like yours have at least a trimmable pound up front. the only question is whether you want to spend the $ to realize that pound or so. it is going to cost you in the neighborhood of a buck a gram to junk your current stuff for some wicked light stuff. it will feel cool, tugging on the bars and feeling less mass, but it will not make you ANY faster. i say, so what? buying cool bike stuff is one of the greatest hobbies there is. it's only money, a fella makes more every day.
re: Easton Carbon Fork and OCLV frameIan
Mar 26, 2001 12:22 PM
Is the 1" vs. the 1 1/8" really that big a difference? Well, it does not matter unless you are going to change frames. That said, the 1 1/8" should be a little stiffer.

Your Air Rail weighs around 550 grams. Don't know about your stem, but I would guess at least 200 grams. Headset won't be a huge difference in weight. So, if you like the new EC-90, it weighs 335 grams. A good stem will weigh 140-150 grams. So, you will shave 250-300 grams. A pretty good savings, but you are looking at a cost of $500 or so.

For $500, I would make sure you have a high quality wheelset, then upgrade the fork. Or sell the bike and put the proceeds plus your $500 towards a new one.