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Anyone try a Lemond Alpe D'HUez??(4 posts)

Anyone try a Lemond Alpe D'HUez??evs
Mar 26, 2001 6:30 AM
I was looking at this bike and was wondering how poeple feel about this american bike. It has shimano 105 all around. This would be my first road bike purshace in 20 years.I also road the Lemond Buenos Aires (thin tubes 853 steel).Will the aluminum frame hold up over time?

re: Anyone try a Lemond Alpe D'HUez??RickMTB
Mar 26, 2001 1:39 PM
Just bought a 2001 Lemond Buenos Aires. I weigh 200lbs so going in the Reynolds 853 frame (actually, main frame, since the rear triangle is 525) was a concern (worried I would think it was a noodle if I stood up and hammered). Perhaps the 525 tubes are a little stiffer, but so far I haven't noticed too much flex. I have a bad back, so AL frames were never a consideration... I looked at a Bianchi Eros too (but the shop guy recommended Lemond since I have short legs and long torso). The AdH sure looks purty though...
re: Thanks.My torso is long also...evs
Mar 27, 2001 3:31 AM
so that is why I was looking at the Lemonds.They are known for the longer top tubes.Hope your ride stays good and thanks for the info.
re: Thanks.My torso is long also...RickMTB
Mar 27, 2001 6:23 AM
Not only long toptubes, but at least on the BA they use long and negative rise (quill) stems. It might even be too long for me (and my back), so I might look at 90 degree stem (and possibly shorter reach stem) until I get more accustomed to road bikes (this is my first after many years riding MTBs). The AdH may use the threadless stem and it might be a different geometry.