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1997 Serotta Legend Ti or 2001 Trek 2300?(9 posts)

1997 Serotta Legend Ti or 2001 Trek 2300?C Duffy
Mar 25, 2001 6:55 PM
Which bike would you choose; 1) 1997 Serotta Legend Ti/F1 fork with 8sp Dura Ace, Chris King Headset, Mavic Open Pro wheels. This bike has 1000 miles, is in very good condition and is $1950. 2)2001 (new) Trek 2300 stock. It comes with 3 ring Ultegra, Rolf Vector Comp wheels, Cane Creek headset, and Icon forks, handlebars, stem. This bike is new for $1800. I will be using it for training for Mtn Biking and maybe occasional centuries. I live in a moderately hilly area, mostly small hills though.
re: 1997 Serotta Legend Ti or 2001 Trek 2300?LC
Mar 25, 2001 9:44 PM
There is no contest here, get the Serotta! The Trek's frame is too stiff and will kill you on a long ride. The Triple on the front will also not shift as well and is harder to adjust. Open pro rims are also more standard and easy to get replacement parts. If you end up needing a lower gear for the hills then you will just have to change the rear cassette. The difference between 8 and 9 speed is also not hardly noticeable.
You kidding?bike_junkie
Mar 26, 2001 4:11 AM
If you are SURE the used Legend fits, then it is the one to get. A good Ti frame like that is good as new. Was it custom for someone else? Most Serottas are custom. Don't buy something because you think it's a 'good deal' comparing it to new frame and parts prices. Bottom line, get the one that fits, or better yet, spend a few hundred more and go to the local Serotta dealer and get fitted, and order a new steel Colorado III with an F1 fork and a decent group like Ultegra or Daytona to keep the budget in line.
You kidding?LC
Mar 26, 2001 10:07 AM
Don't get either one if they don't fit. It's not like a Mountain bike that is more forgiving on the size, where you just adjust your seat post and change your stem lenth. The top tube length is very important. Different manufactures will have a different top tube lenth for the same seat tube lenth so you really have to see what fits and then actually measure it. To be sure, go to a bike shop and if you have to, pay to get fitted so you know your measurements.
You kidding?C Duffy
Mar 26, 2001 10:40 AM
I've been riding different Road Bikes(about a dozen now) for the last month. The Trek fits me pretty well now, but I'm between a 58 and 60cm. They don't make a 59. The 58 felt pretty good, but a little compact. The 60 was a little long, but after swapping the 110mm stem with a 100 and moving the seat forward just a tad it felt pretty good. The Serotta is a 1997 standard 59cm. I took it for a 5 mile ride and it felt really good. Very comfortable ride. The reason I was wondering is since I'm new to Road riding, I'm only an avid Mtn. Biker. I do know that Serotta's are awesome, but I didn't know if the 4 year old Dura Ace were as good as the new Ultegra components. Also, the Trek has Rolf Vector Comp's while the Serotta has Mavic Open Pros...
Assume both bikes fit me well, should I go with the Serotta even if it's 4 years old?
You kidding?Chris Jones
Mar 26, 2001 11:53 AM
A 59cm Serotta, as measured by Serotta, is larger than a 60cm Trek as measured by Trek. But if it fits it fits.

Given that both bikes cost about the same, I'd go with the Serotta.

Chris Jones
You kidding?C Duffy
Mar 26, 2001 10:43 AM
The Serotta is not a custom. It's a factory 59cm. It does fit well, and I haven't made any adjustments yet...
Its a no-brainer, get the Serottapmf
Mar 27, 2001 11:55 AM
Its a great titanium frame, it fits you well, and it doesn't have the "T" word on it. What more excuse do you need? A frame like that will work well for you for years. As far as the DA 8-speed, there are options. The shifters were notoriously heavy. If you really notice 200 grams more on a bike is questionable. The group works fine. 9-speeds is no huge advantage over 8. I'd say get the bike and either:
1. Ride it as it is until the 8-speed stuff wears out (this will take some time), or you get a burning urge to update it (this will take less time).
2. Buy a DA upgrade kit (shifters, rear derailer, chain, inner ring, cassette) and convert it to 9-speed for around $350.
3. Ride it as it is until Shimano comes out with their new 289 speed system in 2002. Put that on and sneer at all the guys riding that outdated Campy 10-speed cr@p.
If You Have to Ask....grz mnky
Mar 27, 2001 2:06 PM
...well, I won't be that snooty. The Serotta is awesome! I bought a used '96 vintage Legend Ti and totally love it - I dropped my OCLV like a bad habit. The 2300 isn't even in the same universe. The only reasons to buy the Trek is if the paint job matches your duds or you want to be annonamous in a crowd, or you want to appreicate what a mediocre bike feels like.

You will kick yourself later if you don't buy the Serotta. At a bare minimum you should be able to sell it for what you bought it and you can't say that about the Trek.

As long as it fits go for it! The ride is dreamy.