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Castelli shorts(7 posts)

Castelli shortsSimpleGreen
Mar 25, 2001 4:39 PM
Are castelli VT and progetto Y shorts worth the extra $$? It's time for me to retire some old shorts. I'd rather spend an extra few bucks to be comfy.

re: Castelli shortsSkip
Mar 25, 2001 6:17 PM
It's all a matter of taste, feel, fit, etc. Personally, I didn't figure there could/would be that much difference between riding shorts, but I figured I'd buy a pair and see. Low and behold, my butt, legs, crotch, etc. can definetly tell the superior feel, fit, ergonomic stretch, support, comfort, sensualness, and feel of the Castelli Progetto Y2K over even the likes of Pearl Izumi Microsensor and Ultrasensor, let alone the cheaper shorts I've had. Is it worth the $? - only you can answer that for yourself. Figure I'll try a pair of Assos top of the line bibs next, to see if I prefer them or the Castelli's. For me, the difference is definetly worth the cost.

re: Castelli shortsMS
Mar 26, 2001 7:42 AM
How does the sizing on the Castelli shorts run? Large works for me with the PI shorts, however I know that some European clothing is sized smaller. I am 5"11", 170 pounds, 34" waist.
Castelli shorts-I dig emjbrown2036
Mar 26, 2001 7:08 AM
I have always been a cannondale vertex short man myself-until my girlfriend handed me the cc catalog and said go nuts-I picked the y2/vt bib shorts (since I wasn't paying for them), and they have made a real difference. Very comfy, but thin enough that you don't walk around feeling like you are wearing a diaper. I now have 5 sets and would heartily reccommend them to any serious rider.
love minegrandemamou
Mar 26, 2001 3:05 PM
I prefer the bibs to the shorts but IMO worth the money if your going to put in some long days.
re: Castelli shorts definately worth itMade in Taiwan
Mar 26, 2001 4:33 PM
i spent the 140 bucks and figure if it's not as good as claimed by other castelli lovers, i only get rip off once. turns out that they were super nice. although the stiching on the pad came off, so i returned it to the dealer,and they will send me a new pair. you see, castelli do not repair, they replace. although, i returned mine in early janurary (i had the Progetto Y2K bib) and since they were replacing it, i figure i opt for the 2001 modle. no extra charge, albeit, waiting 4 month...i miss them. new ones hasn't come yet
Mar 27, 2001 8:54 AM
I think i'll give them a try. Comfort is worth a lot to me, especially for longer rides. Good riding!