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Rollers or Traniers?(2 posts)

Rollers or Traniers?donalson
Mar 25, 2001 4:31 PM

i plan on getting one or the other this fall/winter (christmas prez), what are the benifits of each and prices of good ones?...

the rollers looks so kewl...and compact but then agin i could have the CompuTrainer's down payment and pay the rest myself :)...

whats your take on these things? i could get rollers or a triner, and extra toys for my bike or even a CompuTrainer


PS i live in northern FL so i plan on riding most of the winter, but on the super cold days i'd preffer to be indside :)
re: Rollers or Trainers?bill
Mar 26, 2001 3:13 PM
Both are great for training in a controlled environment. As to which are better, it depends on what are your goals.
Rollers are great for improving spin speed, balance, and pedal stroke. They also, IMHO, are a better workout than what people who haven't used them seem to think. Certain roller models also come with resistance devices, but, if you're satisfied with working up a sweat with higher gears/higher rev's, you don't need them. I have no resistance device with my rollers, and pushing a 53-12 or 11 at 100+ rpm's (I can get my wheels to turn at about 45 mph), is a workout. I don't know what my max hr is, but I'm betting that I've got close to 95% of max.
I don't have a trainer, so I can only go by what I've been told. Trainers are better for strength training at low rpms, an option not really available with rollers. And you won't fall off of them or spin off the and burn the rug.
Lots of people say that the compleat cyclist will have both, because they do different things.