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Larger Sized Cycling Clothing(10 posts)

Larger Sized Cycling ClothingRead
Mar 24, 2001 8:59 PM
I am a larger person just getting back into cycling after a few years off. I have a 50" chest size and am looking for cycling stores that sell larger sized jerseys / jackets (both short and long sleeved) and shorts.
I would appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction.
re: Larger Sized Cycling ClothingDINOSAUR
Mar 25, 2001 8:31 AM
Try Pearl Izumi. I've had good luck with their jerseys. You'll probably have to go with an 2XX. Make sure and try stuff on, all brands are sized differently. Don't mail order anything unless you are absolutely sure it will fit. On the whole, cycling clothing is sized for skinny small guys. The european team jerseys are cut real small. Good luck and welcome back to the sport...
re: Larger Sized Cycling ClothingGary
Mar 25, 2001 2:21 PM
If you don't want name brand clothing...i.e. Pearl Izumi, etc. and can be happy with clothing from Nashbar or Performance, then I find that their cuts tend to run larger than the standard made-for-Europeans jerseys most other manufacturers carry. Plus, they'll be cheaper.

Also, I think the function of a bike jersey is to dry quickly so that it (and you) does not become waterlogged. Other than that...perhaps a bright enough color to be noticed by cars. That's about it. With that thinking, I've found that Nike's Dri-Fit clothing works VERY WELL in this regard. They have both long and short sleeve and typically don't run more than $35! There was some kinda itchy Dri-Fit sleeveless that came out for them...but go to Oshman's (if you have those stores where you are) and I find that they carry the largest selection. Plus again, Nike will make larger sizes than most bicycling jersey manufacturers.
Good Luck!
just dry quickly, be bright, and "that's about it"? :-)ET
Mar 26, 2001 7:25 AM
What about elasticated waist and sleeves to keep out the cold? What about the mandatory elasticated three rear pockets to store stuff? What about generous front zip for air flow and easy on-off? What about stand-up collar to block the wind? What about some reflective strips for night or dark wear? What about needing different jerseys having varying thicknesses for different weather conditions? What about needing multicolors so everyone else dressed to kill in their designer jerseys (which is not the same thing as team logo jerseys) won't laugh at your single-color jersey and say, "Performance, right?"

But then you look at the jersey prices and say, "$80 for each shirt?!? That's an outrage!" But then you re-think all the above criteria, you reiterate that the price is outrageous, then plunk down the money anyway, in fact, you get three of them, reasoning that two might be in the wash at any particular time. You then think you might need three in every thickness, because you can't control the weather. But then you get in fights with the wifey about all that money being wasted on all that bike gear, yell back that she's being unreasonable, even though you know deep down, or maybe right on the surface, that she's right, you realize you are sorry you ever got into this whole bike thing, but it's almost time for your next upgrade or new bike, you hate yourself for getting sucked in, but you really do sort of like this "sport", it makes you feel good and you are getting exercise, but you hate to pay $80 per jersey, but they're all laughing at your plain, single-colored $29.99 Performance jersey...
re: Larger Sized Cycling ClothingACE
Mar 25, 2001 10:39 PM
I would avoid Pearl Izumi and try Performance bike or Voler, both have generously proportioned clothing.
lots of XXLs out there these days, but not in shopsRetro
Mar 26, 2001 7:19 AM
Same with big shoes (I wear 15s)--After about 25 years of riding in Keds and T-shirts, finally about 10 years ago I started finding big stuff. Most shops don't have the inventory to handle them, though. Nashbar and Performance both have fairly large selections of XXL jerseys. My chest is about 48", and they fit me with enough room to make me think they'd work for a size 50.
re: Larger Sized Cycling Clothingjfo
Mar 26, 2001 7:51 AM
I too am a big guy...

Nashbar xxl's have shrunk and won't fit as before.

Performance offers xxxl and they will fit a "50"...the problem is they never seem to have anything on hand.

Try a website for a small Wisconsin company at Coon Valley in western part of state. They offer big sizes, made locally. $40 for an xxxl. (A Madison LBS told me about them.)

For some reason the big companies have changed their sizing systems making xl a lg, xxl an xl.

re: Larger Sized Cycling Clothingbianchi boy
Mar 26, 2001 9:25 AM
Peformance Bike's jerseys (their brands) are cut similar to normal clothing, eg an XL will fit like an XL. Most of the European jerseys will fit about 2-3 sizes too small, eg, an XL will fit like a Medium.
Web address is

I haven't tried Voler, but I've heard they fit like regular American sizes. You can check them out at or

If you like the European jersey look, check out, which has a wide selection of jerseys at discounted prices. They also have a very good sizing guide that converts European sizes to American. For example, I normally wear XL in American, but according to their sizing guide, I would wear a 3X in European. Seems kinds of extreme, but I ordered a 3X jersey from them and it fit me perfect. In contrast, I bought an XL Louis Garneau jersey elsewhere and it was much too small.
re: Larger Sized Cycling ClothingIan
Mar 26, 2001 9:28 AM
I have XXL Pearl Izumi jerseys. I would think they will work for you. Find an LBS that carries Pearl. If they don't have any XXL in stock they should be willing to order at least one for you to try.
re: Larger Sized Cycling Clothingno excuses
Mar 26, 2001 10:18 AM
Same problem here. The fun part is that whenever you find something in a store you feel you have a right to buy it since its so hard to find your size. I have had some luck at Sierra Trading Post. If you can ignore the Christian verse on the checkout page, they usually have good deals.
I just picked up a Pearl I Rocky Road, XXL, solid color blue for about $20. The fit was close, and I'll probably keep it. Here's another shirt from their site.
Good Luck