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Help me...probs w/ my composite tri spoke(7 posts)

Help me...probs w/ my composite tri spokedonalson
Mar 24, 2001 6:01 PM

well i just got my bike about 2 weeks ago...the rear wheels is a specilized tri spoke composite (Carbon fiber) tubular wheel, sweet and fast :) my problem.

i just took her (the bike) out for a ride, when i got back i noticed a small crack near the rim it's about 1/4" long, its about as centred between two of the spokes as possable, right below the crack it's flexed/bowed out a little, i can flex it back in but it won't stay.

my question how bad is this?...can it be fixed? if so how much and where? and lastly is it ok to ride untill i can get it fixed?

thanks guys


PS i need this info asap...this is my ride to work.
Stop riding nowDave Hickey
Mar 24, 2001 7:06 PM
I really not qualified on carbon fiber repair, but do not ride this wheel until you can have it fixed by a professional. You are setting yourself up for a failure. Once carbon cracks, it could shatter the wheel. Carbon fiber works as one continuous unit to get its strength. Any crack means the integrity of the wheel is gone.
Have it checked. Its not worth risking injury
thats what i thought :(.donalson
Mar 24, 2001 7:13 PM
man that stinks, any idea of who could fix it?...i'll prob run it up to my LBS and see if he can fix it or can point me to somone that can, and maybe he can hook me up w/ a good deal on a wheel...

now the question is should i go ful set of clenchers or just the rear and go tubular still ?...hmm...prob the 1st...he can hook me up w/ full set (tubes, tires cog ect) for $150 he said...i just hate spending more money this soon :(...i guess it's an evil of biking eh :) lol

thats what i thought :(.ginsiengice
Mar 24, 2001 10:19 PM
HEY!!! you should contact either Hed (which owns the specialized tri-spoke design) or Specialized directly...I had a cracked trispoke and they replaced it free less shipping but that was a few years ago...they may still replace it for you at a very reduced price...try it
Ride on :)
thats what i thought :(.donalson
Mar 24, 2001 11:41 PM
ok you talked to specialized or HED? front wheel is a head deep jet...sweet wheel too. :)...i may see if i can't get a dif wheel if HED would let me do that :)...then agin the tri-spoke looks so sweet :)

other question, how did it brake on you?

thats what i thought :(.ginsiengice
Mar 25, 2001 6:20 AM
I talked to specialized when I had my wheel replaced...but I know HED is Very good and still may help you out cause they are nice (from White Bear Minnesota) and they own the Spec Trispoke design...
if i can should I?donalson
Mar 25, 2001 11:48 AM
well i've been looking at the HED web sight and was wondering, i have the specilized tri spoke, if i get a new one from HED (instead of specilized) should I try to get a diffrent model, these wheels will adventualy (hopfuly w/ in 6 months to a year) my race only wheels (well and for looooong rides)

i noticed they say that the

Stinger: AL/CF
Jet 2000

are all rated better or the same as the tri-spoke for road raceing

should i try and get a dif wheel?...just cerious...thanks