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What's the word on Veloflex tires(2 posts)

What's the word on Veloflex tiresroad rash
Mar 23, 2001 8:11 AM
Have any of you tried these tires. I'm very cautious about superlight clinchers as the conti supersonics I had this summer gave me some problems....blowouts, flats, wasn't pretty. Just wondering if these are any good.
re: What's the word on Veloflex tiresBender
Mar 26, 2001 8:40 AM
I just received a pair of Veloflex Pave tires last week fron Totalcycling (shameless plug) and boy am I impressed. Out of the box, these are the fines made tires I've ever seen, they're perfect. No rubber flash (ragged edges), the seam between the sidewall and the rubber is flawless, and the beads are perfectly rounded (to seat on the rim better).

Installation was a nightmare on my Velomax rims. These tires went on very tight (over the bead) and the manufacturer warns aginst using tire levers.

Once the thumb wrestling match is over the pain amnesia sets in when you ride these tires. They grip the corners like a cat on carpet. The tire compound feels on the soft side and I've been warned of quick wear. I intend these tires to only see the race course, so I'm not worried of wearing them out too fast. The ride qualities of this tire feels as good as or better than the high end tubular's that I've ridden. I did not want to take these tires off to be replaced by my training tires.

I'll submit a review after I get some miles on.