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Props to Seve's bike shop(1 post)

Props to Seve's bike shopdonalson
Mar 22, 2001 5:22 PM
:)...well i got my bike a week ago...2 days after I was fliping my stem the other day (going for a + rise) and striped out the threads while trying to get my bars on tight...bad thing.

well took it to the bike shop expecting the worse (having to pay for my mistake)...well steve (the owner of the shop) took a look at it and tryed to get it fixed by re threading it agin, then he relized it was 2 big for the bars they had put on the bike...he said opsy and gave me an option of the new stem i wanted :)...i pick it up tommarow w/ a brand new black stem (over the crome) can't wait :) this is a good thing :)

it's nice to goto a bike shop that will admit they did something wrong on the set up (something the shop where i got my last bike wouldn't do) i think they have made me a loyal customer :)


PS anyone need some tubulars for $14 a pop?