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Which lever for road brake... canti or V?(6 posts)

Which lever for road brake... canti or V?Red
Mar 22, 2001 11:48 AM
Lets say i'm putting a flat bar on a roadbike.

To use the existing brakes, would I use V brake levers, or canti levers? Or neither?

It depends....Greg Taylor
Mar 22, 2001 12:56 PM
Hmmm...what kind of brakes are you using? If you are using Shimano-esque dual-pivot brake arches, I doubt that the V-brake levers would be a good choice. Canti brakes work well with standard road levers, so I would use a canti brake lever on a standard brake arch. At least, that is where I would start....
Shimano 105 brakes....Red
Mar 22, 2001 2:11 PM
Since i'm new to road, I don't know what to call stuff.. it's the kind with the U shaped deal where the cable is pulled veritically. I'm guessing it'd be the shimano esque dual pivot.

Thanks for the info.
re: Which lever for road brake... canti or V?tmontee
Mar 22, 2001 3:41 PM
i have done this for years. you want to use canti levers. try cambria bike. when i last checked, they had paul canti levers for 15 bucks closeout. this is the best deal you will see for some time , friend.
May be problemsDaveG
Mar 22, 2001 4:35 PM
I assume you mean using MTB levers with road brakes. V-brake (direct pull) levers are designed to provide limited mechanical advantage in the levers (the brakes provide that). "Road" levers use mechanical leverage to aid in stopping with short pull road brakes. Pulling in a road lever only moves to cable a short bit but less force is required. Such a setup may work but I suspect it will be grabby. Cantilever levers may not be quite as bad as they may offer more mechaical advantage. There are a few gadgets on the market that allow conventional levers to be used with V-brakes and cantis (e.g. V-Adapter) I don't know of any that does the reverse. Sheldon Brown's website has a excellent and very technical discussion of this topic.
May be problemsnevermind all that
Mar 23, 2001 4:41 AM
simple and cheap canti mt style levers work great with any road style brake, absolutely great. nevermind all that drivel about grabby this and mechanical that. they work. an added bonus is that they are very cheap. in fact you can probably get some for free from your local bike store- back when v-brakes came out everybody switched levers, and nearly every bike store has a drawer full of canti mt bike levers in the back room.