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Spoke Wrench & 4bykn...Was it really you?(8 posts)

Spoke Wrench & 4bykn...Was it really you?PsyDoc
Mar 22, 2001 4:30 AM
So, I'm taking a look at the new bicycling issue, because I have nothing better to do as I wait for another useless meeting to begin. What do I see in the section, "Heard in the Forums"? Replies from individuals using the alias "Spoke Wrench" and "4bykn." And, I think to myself, "Hey, I 'know' those guys." Spoke Wrench and 4bykn...turn this way please...flash, flash, more for the kids...flash, flash, flash.
If it is, I want an explanation...TJeanloz
Mar 22, 2001 6:12 AM
I already wrote Bicycling a nasty e-mail about it. Torque spec for a cassette lockring (both Campy and Shimano) is 50 Nm. Which is about 37.5 foot pounds- almost twice what was recommended. The "tighter than finger tight but not as tight as with a 12 inch crescent wrench" doesn't cut it either- I don't think my weak arms could get a 12" wrench up to 50 Nm. Well, I could, but it wouldn't be that easy.
Actually I was a little off.Spoke Wrench
Mar 22, 2001 4:01 PM
I just now took the time to look at a Shimano cassette and it says 40nm right on it. I don't know where the 50nm figure came from but that seems like quite a bit for a cassette lock ring to me. Anyway, 40nm equates to 350 in/lb. 350 in/lb is 30 ft/lb. so the true torque spec is about halfway between what Mr. Jeanloz and I originally said. For what its worth, you'd only have to be able to push that 12" crescent wrench downward with a 37.5 lb. force to generate 50nm. I could do that while eating a sandwich with my other hand. I'll bet Mr. Jeanloz could too.
Yes, 'twas I4bykn
Mar 22, 2001 7:28 AM
I was as surprised as anyone else! I guess this is my 15 minutes of fame, so while it lasts, anybody out there want my autograph? Incidentally, my quote was distorted, I remember it more like this: "Scandium is little more than aluminum with trace amounts of scandium, and large amounts of hype....." It was on bicycling mag's website forum>buying. Might still be in the archives. Thanks for noticing, you made my day. BTW, psydoc, are you going ahead with the new Merlin? Just curious, I'm in the final stage of spec'ing a new Airborne myself now. My wife thinks my settlement should go to more practical things, so have to cut costs.
Just tell your lady to go to....CUL8R
Mar 22, 2001 7:38 AM
WalMart when she's shopping for clothes for herself
Good answer, but...4bykn
Mar 22, 2001 7:53 AM
...I know better than to invoke the wrath of the woman who visited me daily (often twice) while I was in the hospital for 73 days "earning" my settlement.
Lucky U....Starliner
Mar 22, 2001 10:54 AM
15 years ago I was fired in a housecleaning move by the new general manager. When I got home, the first thing that came out of my (now ex) wife's mouth was, "Boohoo, now I'm not going to be able to see (the wife of a business colleague) again!"

If I had to choose between hanging onto someone who I could count on to be there when I need her to be there, or getting my dream bike, I'd settle on an Airborne too.
So far...PsyDoc
Mar 22, 2001 7:40 AM
Yes, I am still planning on getting the 2001 Merlin XL. I am a little apprehensive of the stem adjustability of the 1 1/8", but they are becoming the norm. I guess I will get used to it just like everything else. My wife is all for the new Merlin. I guess she feels that "my pain should be my gain." But, she does seem eager for me to get it. I wonder if she has any ulterior motives...hmmmm. You got your bike, now take me to Hawaii (I would like that ulterior motive, though).