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Scott Road bikes(2 posts)

Scott Road bikesChook
Mar 22, 2001 12:09 AM
can any one tell me about Scott Road Bikes.
in particular the Comp model.
Tiagra spec'd 6061 Alloy frame.
can be viewed at
I like the look of the bike, but would like to know whether to look closer or stay away, and get something from a more "road" bike manufacturer.
any thoughts
re: wow... hadn't seen a Scott bike in four years...Akirasho
Mar 22, 2001 4:23 PM
Scott left the US market about four years ago... They made competitive products, both road and MTB, way back when.

They did have one embarassment that I remember... a steel road bike with extremely S curved rear stays... that self distructed at an Interbike show as it was being demonstrated. Still, that doesn't speak of what the company does today.

Scott is/was responsible for many of the aero bars we use today. Many makers license a Scott design then slap their own name on it.

I'd be interested to hear about Scott bikes too. Are you in the US or overseas?

Be the bike.