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Anyone know about Shogun steel frames?(4 posts)

Anyone know about Shogun steel frames?miles
Mar 21, 2001 2:58 PM
Hey, I just got a good deal on a TT bike in the classifieds with a Shogun steel frame and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Shogun frames, and the Kaze model in particular.-thanks
re: Anyone know about Shogun steel frames?tommyb
Mar 22, 2001 3:46 AM
I have an old (1991) Shogun Groundbreaker 'cross frame that has served me as a 'cross bike, a touring bike, a 'pull the kids in a trailer' bike, and is now a fixed-gear commuting bike. It's heavy, but you can't beat the reliability.

I don't know how this would translate to the reliability and performance of a Shogun TT frame.
re: Anyone know about Shogun steel frames?Marty T.
Mar 22, 2001 8:19 AM
Well, yes. I am just about finished building (re-building) my Shogun Kaze "funny TT bike". I've owned the bike for years but it hung on my garage wall. Last year I decided to get seriously back into the road/race thing. So started training. Then the idea popped into my head that I would like to TT in addition to road racing. So... down came the Kaze. But it was so out-dated that I had to ponder whether it was worth a "re-do" or not. Some will laugh at this old resurection but here's what I've done. As you know, the 24" front Araya wheel is old technology. So, I had HED build me a custom HED Jet 2000 24" tubular front. Now you undoubtedly know I have more in this wheel than a couple of Kaze framesets would be worth but I'm committed to make a go of it. I'm took off the Scott bars and I'm using the Profile bullhorn bars, with reversed Modolo brakes on the bullhorns and Syntace C2 aerobars, HED solid rear disk (tubular) and all the rest is Ultegra/600. Flite gel Ti saddle, look PP296 pedals. And, oh yes, I took off the small chain ring and front deraileur. I'm using the TT bike in Florida and so I'm just going with the 12/18 rear and 53 front. If I can't pull a 53/18 in the worst of it...then I should park it. I also am runnng two of those old aero Campy water bottles. They are hard to find but do show up on E-bay once in awhile... expect to pay lots for them!

One thing I did change from days of old. The old stem was WAY WAY to short. I was way to scrunched up and my back used to kill me at about 15K. So I put on a 130mm Deda Murex. Now I'm stretched out and way more comfy. My back doesn't go ballistic until at least 25K now! :-)

As to comments from HED when I told them I was crazy for investing in a custom wheel for the Kaze; Andy said; "Heck, Rebecca Twigg still uses one and I (andy) have her old funny bike and still uses it for TT'ing. Aside from being illegal in UCI he said he thinks it's still the way to go. Of course they wanted me to buy a wheel, so take that into condideration I guess. If I forgot anything I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Hope this helps...

Marty T.
Oops!! Sorry Rabecca...Marty T
Mar 22, 2001 9:24 PM
After re-reading my post I made it sound like Twigg was riding a "Kaze"... She's not. BUT Andy said she is using a sloping top tube funny bike (small front wheel) of the same geometry. Sorry if any mistook my wording.

Marty T.