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Ordered the Pegoretti. Now what?(12 posts)

Ordered the Pegoretti. Now what?bill
Mar 21, 2001 1:03 PM
I am feeling rather stoo I mean reckless. I ordered a frameset today through http:\
Okay, let me get this straight. I just ordered an illiquid good through a little company I've never seen halfway across the globe run by a guy I've never met to buy a frame I've never seen handmade to specifications determined by another guy I've never met who runs another company I've never seen in yet another country halfway across the globe. What's wrong with me?
To interested parties: Marcelo model, TIG welded, Dedacciai 16.5 boron steel, oversized rear stays, suppposedly custom to me (got measured by a physical therapist I know -- they had no interest in the Serotta system). Should be just over 3 lbs for the frame; with a Mizuno fork (whatever that is -- carbon, with a carbon/kevlar steerer, and, I've been assured, maybe not quite as sturdy as Wound-up, but close enough -- if I hate it, it's only money -- arghhhhhhhh), fork and frame should be about 3 3/4 lbs. Before I bought, talked to the reviewers at Bicycling, who said buy it, buy it. Haven't actually decided on a color scheme just yet -- I've got a little time. It's either a bargain for a masterpiece or one of the dumber things I've ever done.
Thus far, Matthew at tiramisu has been a pleasure to work with. He also carries Scapin framesets and Campy parts (and PMP parts). We'll see.
coolJack S
Mar 21, 2001 1:33 PM
I'd go for the PMP if not too late... those along with TEC are some unique and cool components.
I think I've got plenty of time for anything other thanbill
Mar 21, 2001 2:00 PM
getting my money back. They carry PMP seatposts (ti), headsets, and a couple of other items. He didn't try to sell me on the PMP headset (I wonder why not; I'm clearly gullible); he said to put Record on it.
Mar 21, 2001 2:10 PM
Go over to Cycling Talk forum or Velo News as I have seen tiramisu mentioned over there and don't remember any worrisome problems. Speak to Pegoretti directly via tiramisu's ingress to discuss your fit if you are concerned. 'Course, you may have to speak Italian. The Pegoretti should be a great bike.
Thanks. I actually feel pretty good about it. I've had abill
Mar 21, 2001 2:21 PM
fitting on my existing bike, and I relayed a bunch of measurements from that, so I think I'm pretty well covered. Plus there is little that is unusual about my proportions. Tiramisu actually has been pretty great about handholding.
Mar 21, 2001 2:47 PM
Just make sure you cover any and all areas of concern at least twice and in writing. Thats not a question on Pegoretti or Tiramisu (didn't realize Tiramisu was in the UK), its a question of communication. At one of the other forums, a guy just received a Size-Cycle fitted custom Serotta with a too short headtube, he had to use 3.8cm of spacers or something! In his case, Serotta acknowledged an error and is replacing the frame, but you don't want any surprises when you open up that box.

Pegoretti had a great review by Robert Millar in one of the UK mags and even "Bicycling" a couple of years ago, before it reached it's current depths. A really fine looking bike and nobody has the equivalent hands on experience with stage racing bikes as the Italians. Cruised the website and noticed the extended headtubes on a couple of the frames, a wise design in my opinion. Now whats that paint job with something like stylized wings down the top tube? I like.

Get the bike, write a review, and put a picture up in the gallery.
Isn't the PegorettiColnagoFE
Mar 21, 2001 2:28 PM
an american bike? Saw a review of the "Great Googolee Moogoolee" in Bicycling last month. If I needed a new stiff steel frame this is one I'd definately look at. Oversized stays in steel! That thing must be stiff as hell. Great for a bigger rider or a sprinter.
Pegoretti is definitely Italian, although he seems to havebill
Mar 21, 2001 3:04 PM
an affinity for American music. Great Googelee Moogelee is from a Frank Zappa tune, and, another bike, the Buena Vista, is named for the Buena Vista Social Club, a band who, although Cuban, was brought to the fore of American culture by Ry Cooder. An American movie was made about them.
The GGM looked to be a bit specialized. I went with the Marcelo, which is, as far as I can determine, nearly identical to the Custom Team reviewed in Bicycling in the May 2000 issue (4 1/2 chain rings) but with a slightly more sophisticated steel alloy that is supposed to be lighter and stronger. I think that the stays are as oversized as the GGM, but the other tubes are not quite.
I'm excited.
Pegoretti and musicdarragh
Mar 21, 2001 5:26 PM
Hey Bill, congrats on your new Marcelo!! I just tried to post a picture of my frame in the picture area, but I'm not sure if my company firewall caused problems with the transmission. Anyway, another interesting thing about Dario Pegoretti is that he is one of Dedacciai's main consultants (the tube manufacturer and stem/handlebar people). Their new aluminum tube is called the "U2 tubeset". A coincidence? I think not.

Bill, I think the main reason you wanted a Pegoretti...ET
Mar 22, 2001 11:27 AM
is because it's Italian and sounds Italian. For example, Carrera wouldn't do because even though it's made in Italy, the name is Spanish, not Italian, and everyone would think it's a stinky Spanish bike. It might be cheaper to just place a few Pegoretti decals on the downtube and seat tube of a good ol' boring made-in-USA bike. :-)
oh, sure, now you tell me.bill
Mar 22, 2001 1:19 PM
But, the truth is that IF this stoopid bike is half of what it's cracked up to be, it really isn't that expensive.
Think value, not price.
re: Ordered the Pegoretti. Now what?John Nixon
Mar 22, 2001 4:31 AM
You won't be disappointed - Tiramisu are a good outfit. I ordered a Duende last year (delivered in November 2000) - fantastic bike, great build quality and it fits like a glove. Be patient - order to delivery was 4 months.