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More questions! Panniers, stems, forks, etc...(4 posts)

More questions! Panniers, stems, forks, etc...Red
Mar 21, 2001 12:27 PM
I'm full of it. Full of questions, that is.

Ok, I just bought my bike. Performance bike brand R100 triple. Full 105 group, and the rest performance brand stuff. (I love performance stuff, my mtb is decked out with a bunch of it and you can't beat the quality for the price..) I love it already. :)

So anyhow, round one begins.

It's a 1" threadless headset. While looking around, I noticed a road stem they sell that claimed to work with either 1.125" or 1" forks. They use a small metal insert to make it work on 1" forks. Isn't this bad? I'd think that would cause problems, but then again maybe not. Do ya'll have any experience with this? Should I avoid this kind of thing? Since i'll be using a MTB handlebar, a 1.125" mtb stem would be perfect. But i'd need to use the adapter on it for my 1" fork. Thoughts? Opinions?

Question two... Panniers.

Since I'll be riding this thing to work, I gotta carry clothes around and etc. On my mtb, I just packed it all into my Deuter crossair hydration pack (sans bladder) and was happy. But it gets crowded. So a pannier, just a small one, would be perfect to carry around my "essentials".. (Rain coat, tubes, tools, GU, etc) But this frame doesn't have rack mounts. The gent at the shop mentioned that theres several clamp on (not seatpost, but normal racks that clamp in instead) pannier racks out there, but he had no experience with them. Can ya'll offer any info? Should this kind of thing be avoided? Keep in mind it's just a very small load, I'm not packin tents and the clothes in the bag itself. :)

Or, front panniers.. On this bike is a carbon fork without pannier rack holes, but I'm not interested too much in weight at this point, so I'm willing to swap forks for one that does have the pannier mounts. Is there anything else involved in mounting a front rack other than the four holes at the hub? Is this a more viable option than a clamp on deal for the rear?

Anyhow, sorry for the flood of silly questions. Once I get past this stage I should be ok and able to figure stuff out on my own. I just don't wanna go buyin forks or racks or stems and then breaking something and hurting people.

Here's a little help...Cory
Mar 21, 2001 2:50 PM
Don't worry about the clamp-on racks. If you get the right size clamps, with vinyl inserts, they'll hold fine and won't hurt your paint. I've used a set for probably five years on one of my bikes.
An alternative would be a larger backpack, and junk the hydration pack until you need it. Probably on a commute you could get by with a water bottle or two. Or what about a BIG saddlebag? Rivendell sells Carradice bags ( that will hold a whole camping trip. I have a Lowsaddle Longflap that's really cool (expensive, though).
Doesn't sound like you need the capacity of a front pannier too, and rears are so easy to mount I think I'd stick with that.
The shim on the stem should be fine, too. Purists knock shims, but they're a cheap solution to a problem that can be expensive to fix otherwise. I wouldn't be concerned about one that was designed for the job (I've seen some bent up out of beer cans that were scary...).
For what it's worth, I agree about Performance stuff. I've owned quite a bit of it, and it's always worked well for the money.
One little correction..Red
Mar 21, 2001 3:05 PM
I meant that I use the hydra pack without the bladder in. I don't even carry water for my commutes (Although I probably should) since it's only 10 miles one way.

What brand rear rack do you use? I'd much rather use a rear than the front, it'd let me keep the carbon fork on. (Although i'm still not sold on the idea of a carbon fork being all that keeps me from taking a header into pavement at 30mph........)

possible solutionfuzzybunnies
Mar 21, 2001 8:02 PM
If your frame has cutouts(usually triangular) in the rear dropouts there used to be a piece that would fit in the dropout that the rack can than bolt to and your LBS might still have a set, I simply made my own set with some crank bolts. TTFN