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Sram Power link on Shimano Chain?(4 posts)

Sram Power link on Shimano Chain?Al Long
Mar 20, 2001 2:06 PM
Was wondering if this set-up is O.K. Has anyone tried this with success? Thanks, Al
re: Sram Power link on Shimano Chain?Bender
Mar 20, 2001 2:37 PM
I'm sure Shimano has 'dialed' their chain to work with their drive-train (their excuse to buy more Shimano) however, I really like the ease of service with the SRAM Powerlink. That said, I would in no way recommend mixing the Porwelink with the Shimano chain. I think you'd be asking for drivetrain problems. Would the Powerlink even fit the Shimano? Why not just use the whole SRAM chain? SRAM makes a great alternative to the big S and the durability, performance and price (albeit, on sale) is on a par. I use the SRAM chain on my mountain bike (with a Shimano drive-train) because it's so easy to remove and clean. The shifting performance is acceptable and wear has not been greater ther any other chain I've delt with.

My two cents worth......
re: Sram Power link on Shimano Chain?Ian
Mar 20, 2001 2:43 PM
I have used Powerlinks on Shimano chains for just over one year with no problems. One bike road, one off road. Both are 9 speed and use the gold Powerlink. I tried a Sram PC-89R chain on my road bike, but as soon as I put it on, my shifting performance slipped. Went back to Shimano, shifting was great. Now, I know that is subjective and many people have had the oppisite experience, but I am sold on Shimano chains.
re: Sram Power link on Shimano Chain?LBS Guy
Mar 20, 2001 3:22 PM
It may work to mix the chain and link but is not recommended, plus shimano chains wear out about twice as fast as Sram chains, My bike came with a Shimano chain and after 2 weeks of riding it was worn out, not terribly worn out but enough to need to replace it before it destroyed the rest of my drivetrain, i've had a Sram chain on there ever since(about 7 months) and have checked it every weekend and its still in perfect condition, no problems with shifting have come into play, Sram deffinately is a more durable chain, and alot easier to clean without having to put in a new pin if you want to break it and take the chain off.