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Should I buy new Polar S-series? Or buy old X-Trainer Plus?(4 posts)

Should I buy new Polar S-series? Or buy old X-Trainer Plus?Nathan
Mar 20, 2001 7:32 AM
Currently have a Polar X-Trainer Plus. Wife likes it and now she wants me to buy her one as well.

Should I wait for the new S-510 and S-710? We like the advanced heart rate monitor and cyclecomputer/cadence functions, but don't really care too much about the download capabilities.

Is the S-series more reliable and durable than the older models? The new S-series case is much larger and thicker than the older models, but I don't know if it makes the unit more durable overall. Is there any reason I should wait for the new S-series, or should I just get the current-but-soon-to-be-phased-out model? BTW, all the models have coded transmission, so that is not an issue here.

S-series - yes or no? Your opinions are welcome.
re: Should I buy new Polar S-series? Or buy old X-Trainer Plus?Dustin
Mar 20, 2001 8:43 AM
From what I've heard the new S-series are supposed to be better for the serious racer/trainer. Mainly they do calories, VO2max and the differant models have differant options. Personally I don't care about calories, I know my own VO2max, and I have an altimeter.

Have you ever used the download. I own a Polar Coach and at first I thought I'd never use it but now I couldn't use a HR monitor without the download and the new infraRed download is supposed to be way better than soniclink.

But if you are plenty happy with the Xtrainer I'd stick with that. Just my $0.02.
re: Should I buy new Polar S-series? Or buy old X-Trainer Plus?grz mnky
Mar 20, 2001 9:07 AM

Old technology should be had for cheap, however, they haven't lowered their prices on the old stuff. I'd go with one of the new models. Personally, I've got my order in for a S710 as a replacement for my totally dead Accurex II - the old clunky square one. I've used HR's with the data logging and think that this is a good thing. It's nice to have the altimiter info in synch with the HR stuff to download.
Planning to get S710Duane Gran
Mar 21, 2001 4:09 AM
I currently have a ProTrainer XT and I like it a lot, however I'm planning to purchase an S710. Mainly I'm interested in some of the add-on options that the new models give you. In particular I'm interested in the power output as it relates to cadence.

Along these lines, I'm in a little bit of a debate about the power output feature. I very much doubt if they can report wattage withing 5% accuracy as they say, however I think it would provide comparative data. While I wouldn't really be able to say with certainty that "I produced 500 watts climbing that hill", I might be able to observe that on average my average power output over a season increased by X watts. Analyzing cadence with respect to power could help identify weakness in strength and form. It might also give an indication of minor knee iritations before they develop into pain.

In a nutshell, I don't think the power measurement features are perfect or as good as an SRM unit, but I think in a few years they will be a more common training tool. Everybody has a HRM today, but even 5 years ago they weren't very common. I expect the same to happen with power measurement and I'm not discouraged to ride some bumps to be on the forefront of the equipment purchase. I am interested though if any readers have had experience with the power measurement features that work with the S710. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, here is a good site with info on the S710 and with links to the accessories: