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Cleaning Helmet Pads(7 posts)

Cleaning Helmet PadsMeDotOrg
Mar 20, 2001 6:59 AM
I'm one of those guys whose head sweats profusely, no matter what the weather, when bike riding. I've got a 2000 Giro Borreas Helmet, only a few months old, and the pads have the sour smell of old sweat. I know I can order replacement pads, but does anyone have any tips on what I can use to clean these pads to remove the smell without compromising the adhesive bond between the pad and the helmet?

Also, does anyone know who actually carries the Giro Road Pad kit on-line, who doesn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping?
re: funky helmetAlex
Mar 20, 2001 8:01 AM
Those little helmet pads are velcro'd to panels which are glued to the helmet. You can just pull the pads off and wash them. I wash mine all the time, stuffed into a sock and tied off so I don't lose them. Eventually they fall apart. New pad kits are ten bucks, my shop carries them, any will order for you.

Unfortunately, the chin strap gets salty and funky too. I put the helmet in a bucket of water with a tablespoon or two of bleach. Gets it right out. Too long or too strong and the black strap turns a rather beautiful copper color.

Funky strapsScott B
Mar 20, 2001 3:33 PM
Are you saying you immerse the entire helmet in the bucket or do you just let the straps hang in? My straps get pretty caked up with dried salt (as much on the upper part of the straps as opposed to just the chin area) and all I can think to do is hold those parts under running water in the sink.
Funky straps/soak the whole thing...TC
Mar 20, 2001 7:03 PM
in a bucket with a mixture of lukewarm water and dish-soap. Dawn, Ajax,etc.... I soak mine for around 1 hour to de-funk that thing. Do it around 1x every 2-3 weeks. I don't sweat that bad, but still feel the need to keep the club happy!!

Shower with your helmet.E3
Mar 20, 2001 9:59 AM
For day-to-day funk prevention, I take my helmet with me to my post-ride shower for a good rinsing. This method holds off the funk for awhile, but eventually it catches up, so I do the same as Alex and toss the pads into the washer.
re: Cleaning Helmet PadsMade in Taiwan
Mar 20, 2001 7:58 PM
i didn't know that the pads were velcro'ed in till about 4 month into wearing my helmet (yew) i thought they were glued on LOL now i take them out after evrery 4 or 5 rides and soak them in water/Woolite.
i also wear HeadSweats. i wear the winter one still, and it's not hot at all. if your head sweats profusly like mine then you need to get one. Nashbar has them on salw for 12 bucks i think, i bought mine for 18. they have the head band version als the Il Pirato style head wrap too, think i might get some of the head wrap ones for the summer.
Thanks to all for the suggestionsMeDotOrg
Mar 21, 2001 7:16 AM
Thanks for the tips, I'll try the soak tonight.

Made in Taiwan: Don't feel bad - I didn't know the pads were velcroed in until I read the replies in this post. I just assumed they were glued in...BTW, I DO use Headsweats and love 'em. Before I used 'doo-rags' the sweat would roll down my forehead and evaporate, but I would be left with a crust of salt on my eyelids. When I'd wash my face after a ride it would burn. Headsweats make that problem dissapear.