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Got a tear on the sidewall of tire(7 posts)

Got a tear on the sidewall of tireMade in Taiwan
Mar 19, 2001 10:47 PM
just bought this vittoria Ribino tire and within 100 miles it's got a rip on the sidewall already. if i pump it up to full (120 psi) the inner tube bubbles out (already had blown out three tubes before i realize that there was a rip in the sidewall). any remedies? defective tire? possible cut by a rock? it has a innertube patch on n the inside of the tire now, but i'm not real comfortable with that, should i just replace the tire?
re: Got a tear on the sidewall of tireyapsaw
Mar 19, 2001 11:16 PM
Best bet is to replace the tire. I got a Hutchinson Success Gold that was cut by a rock but the nick is very small. Still the innertube would sometimes try to buldge out if you put too much pressure. I replaced it with next year's model. Cool look to it with black sidewalls and yellow tread. My .02 cents.
re: Got a tear on the sidewall of tiregmc
Mar 20, 2001 3:51 AM
The old trick is to use a folded up dollar bill between the tire and the tube. I've used that when out on rides to get home.

Not sure I'd trust it as a long-term fix, though. Sounds like you need a new tire. Bummer.
definately replace itHaiku d'état
Mar 20, 2001 5:18 AM
had the same problem with the rear of a pair of vittoria action HSD tires that i ordered from nashbar. less than 250 miles. it was more like a tear than a rip. i returned them, no questions asked, and nashbar paid postage and refunded the entire amount to my credit card.

good luck.
Replace it, or carry a cel phone and cleat covers. (nm)shmoo
Mar 20, 2001 6:28 AM
patch it and use indoorsDave Hickey
Mar 20, 2001 4:08 PM
I've patched cut tires with a self adhesive patch by Park? Its recommended for a temporary fix only. I use this tire as my spinning tire. No flats so far, but even if it does I don't have to walk home.
Chuck it...DINOSAUR
Mar 21, 2001 7:01 AM
I concur along with everyone else, when in doubt, chuck the tire and replace it. I use the same criteria for replacement with tire wear.
I've sliced sidewalls on new tires by running over shards of glass. It can happen to any tire, but you should find out what caused the sidewall to fail and if it was due to the construction of the tire, go to a different brand. I found that when get what you pay for when purchasing tires.