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Fenders Made for Road Bikes?(4 posts)

Fenders Made for Road Bikes?Voelkel
Mar 19, 2001 6:40 PM
I live in the Tundra Wasteland known as Minnesota and I assumed there was such a thing as road bike fenders, but after I went to my LBS to purchase a pair I found out nobody makes them or they just don't sell them. I tried to fit the planetbike plastic fenders which said they were made for hybrid/road bikes and they did not fit. If it means anything I ride Lemond Zurich. I resorted to purchasing a mtn bike seatpost mount fender and also made one out of a plastic bottle.
re: Fenders Made for Road Bikes?Hank
Mar 19, 2001 7:14 PM
these are the most narrow ones on the market that I know of. They still may not work on your bike - depends how much room you have under your brakes. I have them and they work quite well and are excellent quality. The down side is that you have to order them from England and they are expensive.
May not be room under thereCory
Mar 20, 2001 7:55 AM
Most modern road bikes are racing-oriented, or at least designed to look that way, and there's just no room under the short-reach brakes and inside the skinny fork and seatstays for fenders. 'S one reason I bought an Atlantis--it's a few ounces heavy, but I could fit motorcycle fenders under there if I wanted to. I think the seatpost-mount and a down-tube clip-on are going to be the best you can do.
re: Fenders Made for Road Bikes?Mephisto
Mar 25, 2001 9:41 PM
Zefal makes a clip-on set of fenders for road bikes. I haven't seen them in person, but they are available at Nashbar for 15 bucks.