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Talk about tempting fate...(15 posts)

Talk about tempting fate...Groucho Marx
Mar 19, 2001 2:48 PM
Its a bigger deal now in retrospect then it was at the time. But entire last season I rode without a pump, or a spare tube. I was just too lazy to replace my pump (which had exploded while trying to pump up a tire to 100 psi!). So for six long months I rode, almost always solo, around, and around, without pump or tube.

One day I was riding along when I heard a big truck comming up fast behind me. If I hadn't of looked back and reacted, I'm sure he would not have minded running me over. I was forced onto the gravel shoulder, and I held my breathe.

Ironically, I flatted more times on my trainer! than on the roads last season. Now that I've cursed myself silly, I'm going out to buy a pump, and whole lotta' tube.

I still can't believe it. SIX MONTHS!!!!

Anyways, I just want to hear some funny bike anecdotes. Like falling. Or a chain slipping off on a climb, in a group, in the rain...

By the way. Hutchison tires.
Does using a pseudonym fool the cycling gods?Humma Hah
Mar 19, 2001 2:58 PM
Groucho, yer pushin' yer luck, slinging the f-word around like that!

They KNOW who you are. They're just waiting for the optimum situation!
I know the guy: his real name IS Groucho Marx!! (nm)nigel
Mar 21, 2001 8:46 AM
You flatted on a trainer?Dog
Mar 19, 2001 3:52 PM
The most amazing thing to me about your story is that you flatted on your trainer, apparently more than once! I've never heard of that. How the heck to you flat on a trainer? Just run the rear tire until it wears through to the tube? Never a front tire, I assume.

I would be paranoid to go on even a short ride without full backup.

Short ride...Chris Jones
Mar 19, 2001 4:07 PM
Equals a really long hike in funny shoes.

Falling downErik W
Mar 19, 2001 3:57 PM
The first few times I rode with clipless pedals on my MTB I had no problems. I always remembered to clip out before I came to a stop. I thought, "what kind of idiot would fall over with these pedals". Some friends and I were going for a ride. We were at the trailhead taking our bikes off our cars. I had mine off first and was riding around the parking lot in slow circles waiting for them. I slowed down to the point of barely moving. I went to put my foot down, forgeting about the clipless pedals, and immediately went down in a heap. My friends didn't see me fall over but heard the crunch as I hit the ground. They held their laughter but my girlfriend dryly commented when I stood up,"strange. . . looks like you've got some dirt on your back".
She didn't laugh?Humma Hah
Mar 19, 2001 4:07 PM
Marry her, quickly!
The second timeErik W
Mar 19, 2001 4:25 PM
I think she would have laughed but she's used to me doing strange things like that. Many months after that fall, just the two of us were out for a MTB ride. We stopped, again in a parking lot. I clipped out my right foot and left my left foot clipped in (I usually do the opposite). We drank some water and I leaned over and kissed her. When I stood back up I leaned too far to my left side and promptly fell over! After cussing my bike out (like it was the bikes fault), we had a good laugh. Luckily I'm much more graceful when I'm actually moving. I've come to the logical conclusion that their must be something wrong with the parking lots around here.
P.S. Funny you should mention marriage. We just got engaged a couple of weeks ago (I'm impressed that with balance like mine, she still finds me a good catch).
Falling down . . .LAIrish
Mar 19, 2001 5:16 PM
So, my buddies and I meet at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, do a leisurely 20 miles (because this is my first ride after a 6 weeks off because of serious ankle sprain caused by sliding too hard into second in a softball game), and end where we started, at the local pub (which is about the only place open at 6:00 a.m.). I have a couple (three?) screwdrivers to re-hydrate.

We decide to go to breakfast at a place about a mile away. Knowing we've been drinking, we stick to quite side streets and a slow pace.

We get there and I'm just feeling happy. It's a gorgeous day, I'm with my friends, my bike is smooth, the bartender was flirty, and I know the waitress at this place kinda likes me. So, I'm kinda swinging the bike from side to side, just enjoying the feeling. I swing it up the driveway to this place but don't get quite enough turn into the wheel. The little lip on the driveway catches the side of the tire and down I go. I remember clearly, I went down so fast that my feet were still in the toe clips and I didn't even have time to get my hands off the handlebars. Maintained perfect riding position even as I bounced off the concrete.

My friends jump off their bikes and ask if I'm OK. I say "Sure, is the bike all right?" I start to get up, but the right shoulder feels iffy. I reach up and can feel where the collar bone is shattered and out of alignment, with the inner portion pushing up, making a bulge in the skin. I push it back, hearing a little grinding, and say, "I've changed my mind. I'm not OK."

It was broken in three places. Took about 10 weeks to heal and I have a permanent lump on the bone. My career as a runway model is shot (can't do the strapless gowns), but I can tell when it's going to rain.

I'm thinking of a Camelback.
Falling down . . .fitzpb
Mar 20, 2001 5:01 PM
That's one of those stories that everyone can relate too. It gave me a good laugh. Thanks!!
Mar 19, 2001 5:33 PM
I flat once a yearPeter Rhodes
Mar 20, 2001 4:19 AM
I'm got the karma on my side I think. I invariably flat once maybe twice (1 mtn and 1 road) a year. It usually happens in the May-June time frame and that is about it. I've raced for 10 years, Probably 300 or more times in those 10 years. I have flatted in a race 3 TIMES. Not a bad percentage if you ask me. I average about 6-7 thousand miles a year. I'm lucky.

Of course, I wonder if I just cursed myself now.....Knock on wood (or in my current case particle board)
Talk about tempting fate...PsyDoc
Mar 20, 2001 5:08 AM
Most of you know that I was attacked by a 60-70 pound dog that resulted in a broken collar bone and fractured pelvis for me (the dog was fine...figures). Anyway, what most of you do not know is that I have "Off the Front" Neo-Pro tape on my bars. The "theme" of this tape is "Mad Dog" and has "Mad Dog" printed on the tape along with images of a snarling, psychotic looking dog, much like the dog that attacked me.
Friends that don't carry spares...Red Dog #1
Mar 20, 2001 11:47 AM
I was riding with a person who had the same outlook towards tubes and pumps as you last Sunday. Needless to say 10K from home he flatted. Being the overprepared Boy Scout type I loaned him a spare tube and let him use my CO2 inflator. I was just getting ready to give him a full ragging about not being prepared when he asked why my inflator wasn't working. Of course the pin that punctures the cartridge had disappeared. We were (or was it just him?) lucky we were a block away from a fellow riders home and could borrow a pump.
The Blanche Dubois School of Cycling PreparednessMeDotOrg
Mar 21, 2001 1:17 PM
...or as Blanche used to say "I've always relied upon the kindness of strangers".

Perhaps buying a pump is like washing your car to make it rain...