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has anyoune used GAERNE shoes(3 posts)

has anyoune used GAERNE shoesjoe
Mar 19, 2001 12:14 PM
if so did they work well, what is fit like? do they run small, big?
did they last? any coments? there are not any reviewed in the consumer review section. thank you for your time.
Love my GAERNE shoesMade in Taiwan
Mar 19, 2001 10:16 PM
after making a mistake buying ill fitting mtb shoes for my mtb, i have decided to try on at least 10 pairs of shoes before i buy a pair. After trying on 5 pairs i realize that the market was saturated with shoes that are made for narrow feet. after trying all the shoes that the local bike shops (4 of them) and decided on the Gaerne. Not because it look great but because they fit. they were the only ones that will fit my feet (which are wide). they are stiff and do NOT stretch. I got the Mytho's with carbon sole. I think the Mytho is their top model but the sole comes in carbon and carbon fiber flavors. i opted for the carbon b/c they didn't have the cf model in the sotre and it costs more then i wanted to spent

the sole is stiff. fits me just fine. no point in getting fancy carbon fiber soles b/c the bottom gets scratch up anyways. and the carbon sole is just as stiff (compard to c/f soles of other brands)

anywho, after trying on DMT, Carnac, Shimano, Sidi, northwave, diadora, and a few other brands... only Gaerne fits.

if you like the gaerne shoes and they fit you well, then you might want to check out Performance shoes, they're made by gaerne. they're not as hip as the "Gaerne" and it doesn't have the third ratching strap, Performance one only comes with two straps (both velcro), but the fit is tthe same and same stiff sole at a much lesser price.

whatever you do, make sure it fits, even if you have to spend 200 bucks. b/c there is no point saving money on shoes. IMHO, either you go all out or just go with tennis shoes and platform pedals. there is nothing in between:)
hopes this helps.
there was a review of the Gaerne Escape...ET
Mar 20, 2001 6:33 AM
in the Febraury issue of, well, a cycling magazine I daren't mention here. Here is the review:

Gaerne Escape: 79 pounds

With the cost of some shoes rocketing to way over the three figure mark, a solid racing and training shoe that leaves leaves 20 pounds still in your pocket is well worth investigating. For a snug fit the Escape has a triple Velcro front closure, heel tab cut away and plenty of room in the toebox. For safety it has a heel tab reflective, stiff sole construction and sure-grip heel counter. So, you get seen, the shoe does not contort unexpectedly and you can walk safely off the bike.

The comfort ranks up ther ewith my two current shoes: Nike's Gabuache and Shimano's RO955. It is especially well padded around the heel and compatibility with most cleat systems means they'll work with nearly every type of pedal.

Verdict: 8 (out of 10); Great value mid-priced training and racing shoe.