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floor pump up to 200 psi?(6 posts)

floor pump up to 200 psi?Gary
Mar 19, 2001 10:48 AM
Can anyone make a recommendation on a good quality (i.e. will last longer than just a year) floor pump that will be able to pump tires up to 170-200 psi? The only pump I've seen that is commercially available is the "Schwinn Tower of Power" which says that its dial will read up to 200 psi. And I prefer to have one that has a head to fit a Presta head vice putting some sort of adapter on my Presta valves. Thanks in advance!
re: floor pump up to 200 psi?amflyer
Mar 19, 2001 12:22 PM
Take a look at the Silca pumps. They will get the pressures way up there, and due to the ease of getting replacement parts (normal maintenance) they are basically lifetime purchases. I've had mine for about 6+ years, and only now is it beginning to need a new chuck fitting. Good pump.

re: floor pump up to 200 psi?Groucho Marx
Mar 19, 2001 2:16 PM
This may be a stupid question, but are you supposed to pump it up to 200psi? (maybe I've been doing it all wrong!)
re: floor pump up to 200 psi?Gary
Mar 19, 2001 2:33 PM
You're only supposed to pump "it" up to 200 psi IF the tire rating is that high. I've just bought a tubular wheelset and tubular tire pressures can easily run to 170 psi. I also plan on doing some track riding and track tires can also run over 200 psi. I know some people that overinflate their tires beyond the tire manufacturer's maximum psi rating, but in that case, I say you're taking your chances.

On the subject of clincher tires..I also learned, as posted in an older discussion on this board, that the rims themselves also have psi ratings and it turns out that they do! So be wary of that aspect especially if you're dealing with tires over 140 psi pressures. But I only found that a number of the rim manufacturers would state maximum psi ratings for their rims, the others profeigned ignorance...but I think that I simply didn't get a chance to communicate with the right person.
Silca Super Pista (nm)Kerry Irons
Mar 19, 2001 4:07 PM
Blackburn Team PumpJD
Mar 20, 2001 8:00 AM
The Blackburn Team Pump is the best pump I've every used. (my wife says it looks like fine art...thats the only way Im allowed to buy a 100$ pump) anyway here a link about it