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How do you tell if the tulips are blooming in Carlsbad?(17 posts)

How do you tell if the tulips are blooming in Carlsbad?Humma Hah
Mar 18, 2001 9:28 PM
Why, you get on your bike and ride UP there, of course. Sure, you could call someone, or check the paper, or maybe look it up on the internet, but that's the EASY way. I just hopped on the bike and rode up there to see. Yup, there's some color up on the hill already, and people were taking the tour. I turned around and came home. 55 miles round trip.

This riding stuff is a disease.

On the way up, since I had no particular training goal except to see how my knee felt, I chased a few "rabbits". Just like an old hound dog, woof, woof, yap, tongue hanging out. Like the dog, didn't catch any, had a great time, wore myself out, bonked coming home, limped in on glycogen fumes and gel. The lunch at In-N-Out Burgers was probably a mistake.

How was your weekend?
re: How do you tell if the tulips are blooming in Carlsbad?Dougal
Mar 19, 2001 12:22 AM
First real dry weekend for a few months in Aberdeen, UK. and I was in bed the whole time with the flu. Just starting to get back on my feet now, but cycling is still out. I lay and gazed at my bike for a while instead, and ended up with a rather concerned better half. She couldn't quite work out why I'd want to stare at a bike and was convinced my fever was getting to me. She may have had a point actually...
re: How do you tell if the tulips are blooming in Carlsbad?Haiku d'état
Mar 19, 2001 5:29 AM
little chilly, but nice weekend, afterall.

been riding with a local group for a few weekends now, and decided to send them my $ for yearly membership. though the pace is a little slow for my taste, the folks are nice on the whole, and the companionship is good for a saturday on two wheels. also a good contact point for out-of-towner trips and events, as well as other fun stuff.

rode ~46 saturday with the group, in the middle of nowhere outside of the city, roads look like they were misplaced in the midst of miles of cotton fields. came upon a deer that had crossed the road and jumped a barbed wire fence with three of its compadres, but she had a misstep and broke her neck on the fence. sad.

rode ~10 sunday, mtb. muddy and wet, didn't expect that much mud. thought it was pretty dry out there, but also hadn't been on the mtb in months. wow, the difference between spd and look cleats (for me) is astounding -- getting clipped in, i mean.

on the whole, a good weekend. i'll be mountain biking in puerto rico on saturday of this week.
20 miles on Milano, 100 miles on ColnagoDog
Mar 19, 2001 5:49 AM
Great weekend. Did 20 miles just cruising on the Milano Saturday. Beautiful weather - 75 degrees and sunny. You know what? The Milano gets far more looks than the Colnago.

Sunday was a 100 mile hammer session. Rode with a couple of racers much faster up the big hills than I am, so my HR was pegged all the way up -- sustained 175 bpm for 30 minutes straight sort of thing. Did three 2000 foot climbs during the 100 miles, with only 2 short stops. Bonked up the third big hill (at close to 5,000 feet -- lots of snow in the shady areas), but recovered on the big descent. Sore and sunburned today.

Try Extran R4 recovery drinkBipedZed
Mar 19, 2001 6:46 AM
I've been drinking 12oz of Extran immediately after long hard rides and it really works wonders. It's a mixture of sugars, carbs, protein, electrolytes, sodium, vitamins and other things that help relieve muscle soreness and just makes you mentally more alert the rest of the day. I'm able to do back to back hard days on the weekends much easier now. I just wish I had starting using this stuff last year.
Is that the regular stuff? (hint, too)Dog
Mar 19, 2001 6:50 AM
That the one in the green can? I have some. I used it once, but mixed it too rich (full strength) and got some stomach upset. I usually use Cytomax during the ride, and Endurox after. I'll give it a try, though. Good suggestion.

Hint: I "discovered" something that works great. For long rides, if you want to take the mix (like Cytomax) you want with you, the gel flasks are perfect. Just make sure they are completely dry before filling. They seal up well and aren't suspectible to tears and leaking like a Ziploc bag.

Whoops, meant Endurox R4BipedZed
Mar 19, 2001 7:06 AM
I couldn't figure out your message until I realized my mistake.

Endurox for recovery, and Extran for fuel. Extran is pretty powerful stuff. I opted for the drink boxes that I could stuff in a jersey pocket so I could still have 2 bottles of water/Cytomax. Extran isn't really for sipping, more like a super concentrated liquid fuel source that you take all at once. Works faster than gels and lasts longer. The drink boxes are fairly easy to get down. The liquid is super sticky, I spilled some and my bike has little globules all over it today.
Its those red tires ...Humma Hah
Mar 19, 2001 11:20 AM
... It IS a distinctive bike.

I rode about 32 miles Saturday, 55 Sunday, the odometer says I did 93 miles for the week, not a bad effort for me if I didn't ride a century. I've averaged a little over 70 per week so far this year, although I'll miss next weekend. The goal is 60 per week but I may revise that up a little. I've still got a long way to go to match your miles, or hours.

The roadbikes were out in droves Sunday, which was beautiful. I got plenty of chances to experience getting left behind.

I stopped at a cruiser shop in Leucadia, hoping they'd have some fresh guts for my coasterbrake, which is getting old. No luck, but I did get to see a young college student taking delivery on a $500 hybrid of unique design. It was a pretty metal-finished bike (looked like unpainted aluminum), curved-tubed, inspired by cruiser designs, nice suspension forks, looked like it could do a compentent job as a MTB. He looked happy -- he'd been saving for the bike for months.

I chatted for a long while with a woman who was polishing up a singlespeed ladies Collegiate, SN on the head tube indicating a bike from summer of 71 or later, but it looks like an honest "Chicago" Schwinn. She'd gotten it free the day before, all covered with superficial rust, but it was polishing up nicely with a little fine steel wool. I pointed her to a couple of websites and the Vintage Bicycle Association.

And HH blushed when everyone thought it looked like a new bike.
Two decent rides and product reviewsBipedZed
Mar 19, 2001 6:32 AM
After being snowed in all last weekend I feared my season was on the brink of disaster (only a slight exaggeration) so I was determined to ride this weekend regardless of the impending storm on Friday night.

Woke up Saturday to a light dusting of snow, but relatively dry streets. Below freezing at 9am with no sun but I decided to go for it. Went to the usual 10am meeting spot for my team but nobody showed up. I rushed to try to catch on with the general mixed Saturday 10am ride but was too late. Ended up doing almost 3hrs and 50 miles in intermittent flurries and dark skies, but it felt great to be out on the weekend. I was riding Speedplay X-1s for the first time and really liked them. Paired with Carnac shoes and the Speedplay adapter my feet were much closer to the pedal spindle. I didn't find the free float to be a problem at all and I really liked the ability to clip in so easily. Sprints up hills and other hard efforts felt secure and solid. These will be great for crits that start from the gun. Also tried out the new Hutchinson Carbon Comp Gold clinchers (700x23c). 208g per tire rated at 125psi. Felt great, less tread than a Michelin Axial Pro, but also lighter, narrower and can take more pressure.

Sunday was a nicer day 40s, partly/mostly cloudy. Rode 75 miles with a 14 mile 3500ft climb starting at mile 40. Brought a 6oz Extran drink box with me that I drank at mile 35. Compared to a gel with 28g of carbs the Extran box has 80g and 300 calories in an easy to drink liquid. Gave me enough energy that I felt strong up the climb and noticed a definite improvement in my mood and motivation. I was testing them out for road races and think they'll be perfect, easier to get down than gels and longer lasting energy. I hope no one I'll have to race against is reading this... ;-)
The stuff works.Jesse Smith
Mar 19, 2001 10:27 AM
I've been using R4 for a month now. I've been doing base miles since January and just recently I finally got around to getting weight workouts started. On Tuesday, I did a weight workout and followed it by a 2.5 hour ride involving 130+rpm spinning mixed in with single leg hill climb drills. Normally, I'd be hurting after a first weight workout and the single leg stuff. I make sure I drink the R4 withing 30 minutes after the workout. I sip it while stretching. No Wednesday morning soreness. Wednesday, I did 6 hours at AT. More R4 afterwards, and no Thursday soreness. It tastes great too.
California Dreamin' (Thanks John Phillips)MeDotOrg
Mar 19, 2001 8:31 AM
Really nice weather in San Francisco area. Rode about 100 miles this weekend, 55 Saturday, 45 Sunday. Popped a Spoke on Saturday, 2 exploding flats on Sunday, all on the rear. Said Goodbye to my rear Michelin Kevlar Select (Posted a review) with a tear in the sidewall that could be seen from space. Only tire in closest LBS was a low-ball Continental 1000. I'll ride it until I order some better tires from Sdeals or Total Cycling.

Gotta agree about Endurox R4, a great recovery drink. I mix some Endurox with Hammer Gel for my "big bottle" on long rides.

In ‘N Out Burger: They don't have them in San Francisco (yet – building one down at Pier 39) which makes them an exotic treat. God help me if they ever build one in my neighborhood. (For those of you that live outside of California-Nevada-Arizona, In ‘N Out Burger is sort of the Tiffany's of Fast Food Burgers ( )
Mesquites aren't budding in West Texas yet.E3
Mar 19, 2001 8:32 AM
Which, some say, portends of more winter ahead. The rattlesankes are still denned up, but the coyotes and roadrunners are active.

Tis the season for killer tumbleweeds here. Strong spring winds makes'em a real hazard at times. Had to dodge a few Saturday as I managed a 35 mile ride in 25-30 mph winds.

Sunday afternoon was much nicer. Very little wind and about 45 degrees. Rode 43 miles with a 19.6 mph average. Time prevented me from going more, as it took half a day for the wet stuff to cease.

Both rides were solo, as usual. I was supposed to ride with a newcomer Saturday that says he used to ride and do triathlons and was wanting to start riding regularly again. However, the strong winds kept him home. This doesn't bode well for our future as riding partners. Will it be too hot/early/cold next time?
Lunch at In-N-Out is never a mistake-nmmike mcmahon
Mar 19, 2001 12:41 PM
Didn't seem like good hammering food ...Humma Hah
Mar 19, 2001 3:08 PM
... but I was hungry. I rarely do burgers and fries any more, but I figured I'd burn it off on a 50+ mile ride, if it didn't kill me.

What I was really after was that chocolate shake. What I should have done was find a place that served pastries and lemonade.

I had not gone far when I started to cough a little, but I continued to ride fairly hard, chasing roadbikes, and my average speed was substantially better than normal. But coming into Del Mar, something hit me like a brick: simultaneous nausea, weakness and coughing. Kinda made me think in terms of exercise-induced asthma.

I think next time I need to be more picky about lunch. But it sure was tasty!
Didn't seem like good hammering food ...mike mcmahon
Mar 19, 2001 3:47 PM
Maybe you're right. I've never had a Double-Double, fries, and shake in the middle of a ride. That reminds me of an old riding partner who used to carry a pack of Marlboro Lights in his jersey pocket. He'd suck one down right before the ride and then another at the turnaround spot. He'd also light up if someone flatted on the ride. I'm sure there were times when he was praying for someone to puncture on long rides. The bad news is that he gave up cycling rather than smoking.
Weekend RideACE
Mar 19, 2001 8:37 PM
Went on a nice ride Sunday afternoon. Pulled up behind a guy on a bike at a light. Now, this guy did not look like me, no tights or jersey, just street clothes. No helmet, just long grey hair pulled back in a pony tail. But to my surprize he turned and began to speak to me. I said it had been way too long since my last ride, he replied "me too". After a few more pleasantries the light changed, he said "see you later" and left me like I was standing still. I hope his ride was as nice as mine. Oh, by the way, he was riding a Harley, leather jacket and all.
Couldn't wait for her to call, so I saddled up and leftStarliner
Mar 19, 2001 11:45 PM
Recently found a French girl who is an avid cyclist. Used to race mountain bikes. Still waiting for my first ride with her - last week she said she'd call me over the weekend for a ride - a cool Saturday came and went with no call (yeah, right... what else is new) - Sunday morning was warm and beautiful - so I took off at 8 with the local roadies and climbed up the stairway to heaven to the fire station atop Trinity Rd in Sonoma County. There, I parted ways with them and returned back down to Napa Valley with a guy we ran into at the fire station, he from LA, riding a handsome Vortex with some rasty sounding Heliums. I wonder if mine sound like that... don't think so.

So I escort this guy to the highway back to Sonoma and then call my boy on the cell phone - and he tells me he just got off the phone with some French girl who called asking for me! I call her back, but it's too late - she's gone like a cool breeze.

But I figured that time will soon come. The day was just too nice to spend even a moment fretting about lost opportunity. So I inhaled deeply the pungent perfume of the yellow mustard flowers carpeting the rolling hills around me, got on my bike and let the drowsy mating songs of the red-winged blackbirds carry me along home. I just love riding the road this time of the year.