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Cadance or Heart rate?(2 posts)

Cadance or Heart rate?donalson
Mar 17, 2001 7:26 PM
well i'm in the market for a new computer and found the supergo HR1000 for $39.00 it has heart rate monitor and 19 functions, it seems to be a good option to the same type of price for a name brand computer with cadance, which is better for genral traning; cadance or heart rate? thanks

heart rate...dave
Mar 18, 2001 6:01 AM
Hear rate is a lot more valuable as a training aid. It gives you feedback to insure that you are riding with adequate intensity to improve fitness. You can use it to determine max heart rate, and evaluate improvements in fitness.

Cadence is valuable information, but will vary depending on the type of terrain. 90 to 110 rpm is great for the flats, but somewhat lower cadences are often more effective when climbing (maybe 75 to 90). With enough riding experience, you can estimate cadence accurately enough by feel.

I have memorized the speed that will be produced at 100 rpm cadence in several common gear combinations, to provide occasional feedback of the 100 rpm "feel".

Use the formula speed = (.078 x chainring x cadence)/cog to figure speed at any given gear combination and cadence. One I find particularly valuable is the 39/13 gear at 100 rpm, which is 23.4mph. At 120 rpm, it's 28.1mph. This is my practical speed limit in the litle chainring.

The low limit in the big ring is also valuable. A 53/21 at 100 rpm is 19.7 mph. At 90 rpm, it's 17.7mph. If I'm riding this gear at 19mph, and slowing, I know it's time to get into the little chain ring.