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What do you say?(9 posts)

What do you say?Confused
Mar 17, 2001 4:19 PM
Which bike would you choose the Trek 2300 or the 5200? I am leaning toward the 5200 but saw the 2300 in a different light today at my LBS.

I'd say we're confusedKerry Irons
Mar 18, 2001 4:49 PM
You don't tell us anything about what you want to use the bike for, how much you want to spend, what kind of riding you do, what kind of rider you are, etc. And when you say you saw the 2300 in a different light - did your LBS put in track lighting or something? Could you be any more oblique? Perhaps you could just be more specific.
you tell em kerryjohn de
Mar 18, 2001 7:04 PM
id get the 5200 ...and i did..and im happy..dont know what the other bike is but get the carbon
I'd say we're confusedConfused
Mar 19, 2001 3:10 AM
Sorry, I am about 5 feet 7 inches, weigh 145 lbs. and live in Georgia where there is mostly hills and rough roads. I plan to do road racing with it.
Do you like apples or oranges?shmoo
Mar 18, 2001 7:20 PM
This should be pretty simple really. If this was a decision between two similar aluminum bikes or two similar carbon bikes, the choice might be tougher to make, as the differences can be subtle. However, being of entirely different materials and design, these two bikes must surely have pretty different ride characteristics, one of which I should think you will definitely like more than the other. Not sure what your saying about the "light" thing, but if you're prepared to buy either bike, ask the LBS to set each bike up as identically as possible, and let you have an extended test ride on each. Buy the one you think feels the best. Take all of the hype and opinions of others (including your LBS) with a grain of salt. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't let yourself be talked into one or the other, and don't try to talk yourself into one or the other. Ride 'em and go with the one you like under you the most.
Just say No.grz mnky
Mar 19, 2001 8:48 AM
Your different light wasn't mid-morning light streaming though the blinds after a drinking binge and you realized you went home with a cow was it?

Seriously, your two models mentioned are very different. One is virtualy a carbon fiber race machine and the other is just a bike. Try to test ride them with the same wheels to gain an appreciation of the differences. One of them costs a lot more.
Why not?Chris Jones
Mar 19, 2001 10:03 AM
Don't they come equipped exactly the same? Trek's aluminum frame is very good, I had a 2300 and I liked it. It performed perfectly well in races.

I still need to get an extended ride on an OCLV to compare, but if you can get a really good deal on the 2300 it should certainly be considered.

Chris Jones
Prioritiesgrz mnky
Mar 20, 2001 8:56 AM
If you can't tell the difference or don't care then sure, save the $$$. A good deal on something that you don't need or want isn't much of a deal. I'd venture to say that there is a world of difference between the Aluminum and OCLV frames. The orignal post asked for opinions so I gave 'em mine. BTW - I owned and OCLV for several years.
re: What do you say?Ian
Mar 19, 2001 1:17 PM
The bikes come equipped the same, Ultegra w/ Vector Comps. And in the same size frame they should have the same stem and handlebars. So a direct comparison should be easy. But, if you have enough money for the 5200, I would be real surprised if you choose the 2300. The OCLV is such a sweet ride. But, as others have said, get the one you feel most comfortable on.