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Riding as the snow melts....(7 posts)

Riding as the snow melts....Cartman
Mar 17, 2001 10:29 AM
Well, I think it may be spring here in Northern MA. Don't our weather by that of Boston, they have the sea breeze to warm them. This time of year, it is probably 5 to 10 degrees cooler. However, yesterday it was in the mid 40's and the same today. My problem is this, we have on the ground right now about 3 feet of snow. It is melting quickly, so the roads are a mess! Lots of run off mixing with sand and salt. I took my mt. bike (equipped w/ slicks) for a ride yesterday, and I came back wet, full of sand and salt. I'm not too wooried about me, but should I subject my road bike to this? I just got it back from the LBS, new chain, cables, bar tape and I don't want to mess it up this early in the season. My wife says I should be patient and continue for another week or so with spinning classes. What do you think? (BTW, celeste bar tape on a 2000 Giro looks awesome!)
re: Riding as the snow melts....Chuck D
Mar 17, 2001 1:15 PM
....Exactly the reason my roadbike has been on it's stand for a while now and I've been doing the "hambster on a wheel" routine on the trainer. Northern MA huh? Boston and Harvard SQ (where I catch my shuttle every morning) starting to melt out pretty well....LOTSA bike commuters out there (wish I could be one of them...) At home in CT it's pretty much melted away..going on my first club ride of the season tomorrow! Leave the nice bike inside until the sand and salt have washed haven't got long to wait. Oh..and if you're in MA? Keep listening to 107.3...there's cyclists here.
WAAF is all I listen to!Cartman
Mar 17, 2001 10:23 PM
when I'm not riding of course. I've been tempted to put my bike in the car and drive to some good roads, although I don't know if there is enough good road to get a good ride!
re: Riding as the snow
Mar 18, 2001 3:41 AM
Went for a ride with my new road machine yesterday. Lots of three (S's) sand, salt and snow. I just avoid the bad parts and wash her down at the end. I also have a touring bike thats in need of a complete overhaul at winters end. Winters worst enemy is suerly the plow truck, I hate'em! Picked up another inch last night. Go away. Better days are sure to arrive and I'll be spinning in the hills of NW CT.
Sand and salt...JBergland
Mar 18, 2001 5:27 AM
... can be tough on bikes. If you only have a 'week' to go, I'd stay inside. Being from MN, I do ride in similar conditions. Over the last couple years I have gone-through one of my mountain bikes twice a year... one time at the end of the season, second time after the snow is gone. I try and wash my bike down as soon as I'm done with the ride... salt is REALLY bad!! Because of the cold, it's not always easy to get everything off. Next winter I hope to build up a 'winter bike'... something that isn't good enough to worry much about.
re: Riding as the snow melts....Rick
Mar 18, 2001 6:05 AM
Southern NH here. Three feet or more still on the ground and just like N. MA lots of sand, salt and run off but the REAL problem are the killer pot holes filled with water. Anything that even closely resembles standing water could be a deep jagged pot hole and a damaged wheel or worse. MTB or road bike makes no difference you hit one these and you're in trouble. Hit one yesterday on my MTB and it jerked the slack right out of me and nicked my front rim. I will wait it out thanks.
I found NH roads better than MA...Cartman
Mar 19, 2001 10:54 AM
as far as salt and sand. I just scouted out a route today, Rt 202 to Rt 119 in Rindge. Both were nice and clean w/ wide shoulders. Unfortunately, I'll have to drive myself and my bike 10 miles to get to the state line. I'll do that to get some rides in until the roads here in MA clear up. Tuesday is supposed to be in the high 40's, and w/ the sun, it will probably feel like it's in the low 50's, I GOTA RIDE!!!