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CycleAware ViewPoint Mirror(4 posts)

CycleAware ViewPoint MirrorSteven
Mar 17, 2001 8:41 AM
Has anyone tried this mirror?

How well does it work?
re: CycleAware ViewPoint MirrorAkirasho
Mar 17, 2001 11:39 AM
I've used them... and they work well as long as you use the right glasses/frames...

I've experienced a bit of difficulty using them with Oakley M frames with Heater lenses... that is, the mirror fits too close to my eyelashes. Course, that might be because of my misshapen head...

The kewl part is, most folks don't know you've got a mirror on. Once set up, it usually stays put, though you have to take a bit more care in cleaning your lenses...

Be the bike.
Love it.E3
Mar 17, 2001 3:13 PM
For me it's perfect.

I feel most comfortable with a rearview mirror. I've used mirrors that attached to the helmet and to the glasses temple, but didn't like how easily they got wind-blown or shoved out of adjustment.

I was skeptical about the Viewpoint, but I had a gift certificate to my LBS, so I bought it.

Strengths: Never goes out of adjustment, attaches securely, invisible to other riders, doesn't vibrate, doesn't obstruct forward vision, good rear field of vision.

Weaknesses: Only works well with certain glasses so temple arm doesn't obstruct rear vision or where lens is positioned too close to your eye, can be tricky to position on glasses so it doesn't interfere with eyelashes, have to be careful when cleaning lens not to bump it out of adjustment.

It's a great product that I'm really surprised hasn't been touted much on this board. It's a compromise, between a big ol' mirror sticking out and no mirror at all, that works very well for me.
re: CycleAware ViewPoint MirrorKEN
Mar 17, 2001 5:12 PM
I have it mounted in two different pairs of sunglasses (road and moutain). The big advantage is that it actually works while being completely hidden (OK so I'm style-conscious!). The field of view is not great, but it mounts on a ball socket so you can shift it around. It takes some getting used to how close to your eye it is, but I find it excellent and wouldn't ride on the road without it!