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Time pedals and knee pain(3 posts)

Time pedals and knee painmanuel rodriguez
Mar 16, 2001 8:23 PM
I went from Time mid 57 to Time Equipe Pro pedals and developed pain on the outside of my knees right away. After that went to speedplays and pain eased up. I have gone back to the Equipe Pro's and right away i got pain on the outside of both knees. What is the problem? Has anybody had this problem? I like the Equipe Pro's because of the large platform and no frills cleats. The speedplay system is too finicky in my opinion, hard to clip in when dirty, springs develop flat spots,etc. How can i make a succesful transition? I've made sure to keep the seat height constant throughout all the pedal changes and
the Q-factor doesn't seem to be that different. This has been very frustrating, can anybody help? Thanks in advance.
re: Time pedals and knee painHank
Mar 17, 2001 9:28 AM
went through the same thing. Rode the first generation Time pedals for many years, then got a new pair and developed knee pain immediately. Time predals have spring loaded float. I guess that the springs were pretty shot in my older pedals, so the pressure to return to a neutral position wasn't as strong as it was in the new Time pedals. So yeah, I switched to Speedplay road pedals and the pain went away, but I never really liked all that much for the same reasons you mention. But at the same time I started riding Speedplay Frogs on my mtb and cross bike and liked those a lot - it's a simpler design and hey, you can walk around! So now I ride with Frogs on my road bike, too. (If you want to get Frogs, I would recommend getting Carnac mtb shoes--the combo is very stiff and solid feeling) I still kind of miss my Time pedals, but knee pain is one thing that will really mess up your riding, so I say don' mess with success. Good luck.
re: Time pedals and knee painDylan
Mar 17, 2001 7:19 PM
When i first started riding on my Time equipe pro mags I also had some knee pain. I was used to the worn out shimano spd's on my mtb bike. To try to get more float i simply ground down the cleat so they are more worn in. It seemed to help as my knee pain has gone away. After an extended day on my my knee kinda hurts when i get back on the road bike, but quickly goes away. I also take glucosamine for my knees.