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what a piece of crap(3 posts)

what a piece of crapMick
Mar 16, 2001 9:55 AM
After only two rides on my new 00' Allez Comp, the rear Ultegra skewer is already bent. I weigh 175 LBS. I read up on the bike and read that the rear wheel is weak for many people. Its bent on the side the side without the levels. What could have happened, it never dropped the bike and its only few weeks old. I told the mechanics and the sales man that I read that the rear wheel has problems, but they said not to worry for my weight.

User errorBipedZed
Mar 16, 2001 11:10 AM
Skewers don't support weight - they clamp the hub to the drop out. The axle supports weight. This sounds like user error. Most likely you do not know how to use quick release levers correctly and wound the skewer onto the drop out using the lever as a handle. As you rode, the skewers loosened and your rear drop out landed on the skewer rod after a bump or something. That's one scenario that I saw quite a bit working at a bike shop. Screw ups with quick releases are so common it's no wonder "lawyer tabs" started showing up.

If that's not the case and you are positive you know how to operate a quick release correctly then there is something wrong with the skewer, not the wheel itself.
re: what a piece of crapBruno S
Mar 17, 2001 11:45 AM
I have the allez comp that has a similar frame. I cannot remove the rear wheel without taking the skewer cap off. Could it be that the guys at the shop forced the skewer in and bent it? Are you sure it was not like that when you bought it? The allez rear wheel problems that everybody talks about concerns the spokes. They will break after 800 miles or so. My LBS replaced all of them no question asked when the first one broke. BTW I also weight 175 and haven't have any problems. That bike and components are good the problem seems to be the assembly.