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Airborne Spectre.....yea or nay?(5 posts)

Airborne Spectre.....yea or nay?Lazy
Mar 16, 2001 7:17 AM
Any of you folks have any experience with this frame (previously called the multi-sport)?
They are being sold for $899 (frame only). I don't know anything about this bike, but preliminary investigation looks pretty good for the $$. I was considering this frame or a Cervelo P2K for a TT bike. The P2K is running about $1200, but includes fork and seat post. What do you all think?

Any other TT suitable frames in this price range that offer similar or better bang for the buck?

P.S. I don't need a complete bike as I already have wheels for it.
re: Airborne Spectre.....yea or nay?Akirasho
Mar 16, 2001 9:32 AM
Kinda ironic...

While I've not been able to put any quality miles on the frame, I actually bought the bare... and set it up to mimic my R2.8 (CAAD3) TT bike with respect to position.

The 'Dale had been my primary TT bike for the past three seasons. Equipped with SPOX wheels, it performed admirably, but I became concerned with hard data with respect to the aerodynamics of said wheelset. Because of the relative lack of position options during a TT, these wheels were important to me due to their compliant nature... they took a bit of the sting out of the rough spots on the course.

Enter the Spectre. Because of the characteristics of Ti, I decided to give the frame a try with a more conventional wheelset. The Spectre was equipped with 32 hole CXP30's with Conti GP3000... and indeed, while on the aeros, the bike appears slightly more vertically compliant than the R2.8 with SPOX (comfort). I noticed no apparent flex from the bottom bracket (or the wheelset for that matter) and the bike tracks extremely well while on the aeros.

Essentially, the bike is Ultegra based, with a Thomson post, 3T Forgie stem, Syntace bar and Profile Carbon Stryke aeros. The fork is a Profile BDC. The R2.8 is also Ultegra based, with a Syncros post, Syncros quill stem, Profile bar and Carbon Stryke aeros. The fork is an older Profile/Slice.

The plan is to begin the season on the R2.8 and then compare and contrast with the Spectre mid season. The Spectre would probably also be the distance ride of choice... though again, it's too soon to tell.

Even more ironic... I also purchased a 61cm P2K. The reasons may not be justified, but I wanted an extremely aerodynamic platform for late season races. The P2K is again, Ultegra based but runs on HED DEEP/Disc tubular wheels and Conti Competition rubber.

Again, a lack of miles on the P2K would make an indepth evaluation difficult, but so far, with high pressure tubbies and the relatively stiff DEEP wheels results in a ride quality nearly equivalent to the R2.8. The P2K shares an identical front end (equipment) as the Spectre. One nice feature of the P2K is the adjustable effective seat tube angle. I've got mine at the 78 degree position and it feels extremely dialed in. I doubt that I will change it. The Spectre's seat tube angle is only slightly more agressive than standard road geometry but still allows for a bit of fidgeting.

There is a possibility that wheelsets will be swapped 'tween these bikes as conditions warrant.

I started researching these bikes back in September of '00 and will try to accurately document my experiences in the future. Unfortunately, that might not help you now... sorry. I do feel that both the Spectre and the P2K bring different strengths to the table. Relatively inexpensive Ti with multisport geometry or state of the art aero tubing and a more traditional TT/Tri geometry. It's up to you to decide which is important to you... or you can get goofy like me.

Be the bike.
Mar 16, 2001 10:10 AM
I've got a HED DEEP rear and a HED3 front, and I'll probably end up with an Ultegra base as well. Hmmmm.....decisions decisions....I suppose life could be worse than deciding which bike to spend money on.

Thanks for your input. Good info.
Hey, AkirashoJack S
Mar 16, 2001 2:47 PM
How many TT's do you do each year?
Hey, Jack SAkirasho
Mar 16, 2001 5:25 PM
I do about 9 per year.

I don't do them cuz I expect a podim spot, or even a top ten... merely for the test.

Be the bike.