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Erratic Cyclometer Suggestions?(7 posts)

Erratic Cyclometer Suggestions?MeDotOrg
Mar 16, 2001 7:05 AM
In November I purchased a bike with an Avocet 25 cyclometer installed. It worked fine at first, but it seems to be more and more erratic about getting a reading. as time goes on. Recently I did a century where the Avocet showed my distance as 82 miles when I crossed the finish line! (Total distance was 104.5).

I've read the documentation, and I try to keep a 1/8th inch gap between the reader and the spoke magnet, but the problem seems to be getting worse.

Is it just my cyclometer? Should I just get another cyclometer? Is this a problem unique to Avocets, or Avocet 25s? Are there other cyclometers out there that are a little more durable?

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Have you calibrated it?yapsaw
Mar 16, 2001 7:29 AM
Sometimes they're not calibrated right in the first place so it gives a wrong reading. If it's really bad just get yourself a new computer. Try Cateye Mity 3. It has a big lcd screen and dual reading.
Things to try before you junk it.Cory
Mar 16, 2001 7:41 AM
Computers are cheap enough now that you can just throw it away and start over, but here are some things to check:
--Replace the battery. That's not the problem, but it only costs about $1.50 so you might as well.
--While the computer's out of the holder, clean the metal contacts on the computer and the bracket with a pencil eraser.
--Look where the wires go into the sensor on the fork and into the mounting bracket that holds the computer. On an Avocet, they have little metal ends on them that plug in, and they sometimes get jostled loose. Either pull them loose and reinsert them or just shove them in good to make sure they're tight.
Your problem is probably a loose connection where the wires go into the sensor, so it reads sometimes and not others. If a wire's broken or the tip's broken off, you can solder it or replace it with any kind of fine wire.
And you'll need to calibrate it, as somebody already suggested. You probably don't have the instructions to do that, but if you post again somebody can probably tell you how to do it.
re: Erratic Cyclometer Suggestions?KEN
Mar 16, 2001 8:19 AM
I have this computer on 4 different bikes and I have had good luck with reliability. Having said that, I once had a similar problem with erratic readings (such as 80 mph etc.--I think I'm fast but not that fast!). I called Avocet and they said to take the battery out and hold the buttons down for 30-45 seconds. Something about discharging a built-up charge. I would recommend calling their tech support (look here and talk to them. Don't give up on it yet.
BTW Cateyes have good reliability too but I have found they are counter-intuitive to set up and to scroll through the functions with the control buttons, compared to Avocet.
Earlier this year I was having some problems with my Flight DeckJBergland
Mar 16, 2001 9:23 AM
Not being very interested in 'throwing it away' and getting a new computer, I tried everything. New battery, check the wires, clean the connectings, new magnet (sometimes they can go dead), re-wired this and that... EVERYTHING. It took a better part of two evenings and I still didn't have any answers. What ended up being the problem was the sensor was 1/8 of an inch too high on the fork. This happened when the cat had tipped the bike over from the rollers (ya, it was the cat that made me fall... ya, that's it!!) and my wife, out of fear for the cat's life, didn't tell me about it. I felt kinda dumb about the whole deal cause I had taken the sensor on/off a couple times.
Sounds like Solvang ...Humma Hah
Mar 16, 2001 10:25 AM
... and we went thru mud for the first 20 miles.

One of my cyclocomputers developed problems with the contacts. For a while, cleaning them helped, then the problem got worse.

Here at the company, we use a type of grease that is heavily loaded with silver powder to make it electrically conductive. It is used electrical and electronic work to improve electrical contact. A dab frequently improves contact performance dramatically. I put a dab on each contact of that computer and it has worked flawlessly ever since.

Small tubes of this product can sometimes be found at electronics parts stores.
That's why I love this forum - THANKS!MeDotOrg
Mar 16, 2001 1:32 PM
A ton of good suggestions - the little kinds of hard-won knowledge that make this forum such a great place - thank you all.