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Got my bike today and i have a few ?'s :)(8 posts)

Got my bike today and i have a few ?'s :)donalson
Mar 15, 2001 5:16 PM
well i got my univega Modo volare today, $800, the frame was new, 105 componets all the way around a HED front wheel and a specilized tri spoke rear wheel.

first thing i noticed was how much more touchy it is over my MTB i guess thats something i'll hafta get used to, the other thing was how much faster it is than my MTB :)

now my questions,

1. the front brakes gave an awful burnt rubber smell when i did a quick stop, is this normal at the beginning of the brake pads?

2. my bike had some nice looking (but obvisouly used) old shimano time/look style pedals, i unfortanly didn't want to spend $$$ on a new shoes so i asked to trade out for a pair of SPD compatable road pedals, i don't like em but will use them for a while i guess, so my question is what is a good pair of pedals for when i get around to buying road shoes and pedals? (note i'm 250LBS so i can't use stupid light stuff)

3. i plan on also getting another set of wheels and use my tubulars for race only, what is a good set of wheels for a 250LBS guy? i want stong and light...about how much will they cost?

4. what is a good computer w/ cadance?

5. what kind of gloves are you guys useing?

thanks guys

Open ProsErap Estrada
Mar 15, 2001 5:58 PM
Heard a lot about the Open Pros being lightweight and strong. Check them out.

Did your whole bike cost $800? That's great value.

Don't know why your brakes did that, maybe it was because of your weight (more inertia).

I use rudy Project gloves....will get Pear Izumi gloves when I visit the US next month.
Open Prosdonalson
Mar 15, 2001 6:10 PM
yup $800 pedals and all, and a profile bar and STI shifters, i like it, it'll take a while to get used to, i'm going from an alu MTB to a Steel road bike :)

i'll check out the open pro's and i don't know about the brakes still, i have to ride it to work tonight (i work grave yard shift) so i'll find out tonight but i do know i need to put some finishing set up's on my bike, need to move around the bars a little and the profile bars, the seat is good, and i think i need to tweak the rear brakes, they seemed a little spongy :(

thanks man

re: Got my bike today and i have a few ?'s :)GregJ
Mar 15, 2001 8:07 PM
For a 250 lb rider I would get something heavier than Open Pro's. The Mavic MA-3 weighs 490 grams and comes in 32 or 36 hole version. You could get a 32 in front and 36 in rear, 3x double butted spokes with brass nips and you would have a very strong and moderate weight wheel for a great price with an Ultegra or 105 hubset. The rims go for 30 bucks. If you want something fancier go for the CXP-33 in 32 hole version. They weigh 470 and go for 70 bucks, I think. I wear Performance terry gloves that I get only when they come on sale for about 6 bucks. I like LOOK pedals. All the pedals have some compromises, I like the LOOK package the best.
Cadence computerPing Pong
Mar 16, 2001 1:23 AM
The Cateye Astrale gives cadence and speed from the rear wheel (which makes it ideal for turbo training). Only thing is you have to be carefull installing it to keep the bike looking neat. Mine has been running for 3 years, 10,000 miles all weathers and still works well.
re: Got my bike today and i have a few ?'s :)Haiku d'état
Mar 16, 2001 5:18 AM
1. smell: don't know, but i wonder if that smell might be an initial coating on the rim? just a guess...never smelled it from new brakes on a bike or new brake pads on either road or mtb.

2. pedals: i use shimano look-compatible pedals, they've been pretty nice so far, riding them for about 3 years. been riding spd on the mtb since last fall, still getting used to those. i have a much harder time finding the spd targets with my cleats. nashbar makes some similar to look, but not compatible. check them out for $30...

3. wheels: i have cxp21 rims on my roadie, but i've already had the rear completely respoked, and both are having constant problems coming out of true. i just ordered a bianchi giro from GVH with upgrades to the wheels in the form of cxp-33s, at his advice, and after calling around and reading up on them. seems they're supposed to be pretty tough, and good for a larger rider. i weigh 195 now, but was 235+ last fall.

4. i use one cateye enduro2 and three cateye velo1 (cheapies) cyclocomputers, none with cadence, never have seemed to need it. for me, maybe in the future.

5. gloves: specialized gloves fit my hands well. i'm using PI amfibs for cold weather, specialized full finger gloves for cool, and fingerless (1/4 finger) the rest of the time. also have some of those axo gloves on sale at nashbar for $5; have two pairs and they've lasted a year so far, but they're poorly made, no closure (slip on), very little padding. gloves, like saddles, are subjective. PI 1/4 finger made my hands numb. the others didn't.

good luck. hopes this stuff helps!
re: Got my bike today and i have a few ?'s :)Tom
Mar 16, 2001 5:58 AM
Nice choice! I also got a modo volare last summer, to supplement my mountain biking... mine is stock though, with campy daytona components.

I can't really speak to the rest of your questions, but I've been using shimano spd pedals on mine, with my mountain bike shoes, so I don't have to worry about what shoes to wear when I ride :-) They work fine, although I'm sure they're not 100% as stiff as "real" road shoes. They're probably easier to walk in too.

If you want to switch though, I've heard *really* good things about speedplay frog pedals, both for road and mountain riding. I've been thinking about trying those out myself. They're supposed to have much better float than spd's.
re: Got my bike today and i have a few ?'s :)DG
Mar 16, 2001 9:31 AM
I have smelt burnt rubber when going down very steep hills with a race pack (not necessarily my brake pads). The constant braking heats up the rim and smokes the brake. If you are riding tubular, there is a possibility that the heat generated with braking might unglue your tires--It happens once in a while when the pros race down the Alps :) So unless there is constant friction with the brake pad and rim, I don't see why you should smell burnt rubber. Have you checked to see whether your wheels are true and aren't touching your brake pads at any point? How about the alignment of your brake pads?

The shimano flight deck is supposed to be pretty comprehensive as a bike computer. It uses virtual cadence so you don't have unsightly wires on your crank and all over your bike.