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Specialised Epic(9 posts)

Specialised EpicMuncher
Mar 15, 2001 2:01 AM
Anyone got any experience of these Carbon Fibre frames - got an offer of a good deal on one - three years old but ridden only 3 times. Any idea of the geo at all (compact/normal), anything else useful to know?

Thanks as ever,

re: Specialised Epic4bykn
Mar 15, 2001 5:48 AM
Only three years old??? I'm not sure, but I believe that they were only sold 'til about 1995. Depending on the age of the frame, it may or may not be a good frame. Some of the earlier (circa 1990) frames had a reputation for breaking. That does not mean it isn't a quality frame, as I am about to retire my 1992 Epic Comp. Got close to 10 years and 25,000 miles out of it without any problem, the main reason I'm replacing it is I managed to damage the chainstays on a hot summer day riding on a tar and gravel road. Picked up some tar and gravel on the rear tire and actually ground grooves on the inside of the stays. Not sure if this is any help, but if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Mar 15, 2001 6:54 AM
I am writing from the UK, so the sales periods may be different. Of course, the frame may have been in a shop for a while before being sold to him too.

Do you know if there were any modifications over the years that may give a clue as to age?
Re: too good to be true. The guy says he was hit head on by a drunk driver, and can't ride any more - I'll prob find out when I see him. Difficult call - this stuff has a very low used value over here, even if "as new".
I know nothing about Carbon fibre, but if a good buy and fit this will be ideal for my wife to use - she will do a low annual milage, and is light too.

Thanks for your help on this,

re: Specialised Epicpmf
Mar 15, 2001 7:35 AM
Its a carbon bike fit together with aluminium lugs. The geometry is traditional. As the other poster noted, some of them did have a reputation for breaking. I do know a few people who had them, liked them and never had problems.

Yes, its definitely more than 3 years old. Probably at least five. The seller is probably confused about his dates. And if its only been ridden 3 times (that seems to be the questionable part to me), then who cares how old it is? Its not like carbon dries up and becomes brittle with age. People have all kinds of silly misconceptions about carbon fiber.

Carbon bikes have a smooth ride that some like and some refer to as dead. Personally, I like them. Sounds like a good deal for your wife.
Mar 15, 2001 8:15 AM
Thanks - see post above - mebbe frame in shop for a while or whatever. Well anyways, I'll have a look see and go from there. It has Campy 8 on it, so mebbe that can give a clue as to age. Re 3 rides - says due to car crash - was waiting to see if he could ride again - but now turns out not. Could be dodgy, but I had a chat on the phone with him, and he sounds a really genuine bloke - said come and see it and you can judge for yourself - he has the sales papers for it apparently, so I can check with the shop.

I'll post an update, and let you know what the score is - seems to me to be an unusualish bike, so may help someone else to know a little more about them..

Thanks for your input,

re: Specialised Epicslbenz
Mar 15, 2001 10:36 AM
I used to own a 1994 Epic which came with an 8-speed Campy group with plastic levers. Like the other posters, it had a fairly normal geometry. Never had any frame problems during my ownership which lasted until Spring 2000. Sold it because I wanted to upgrade to a Trek 5200 with a carbon fork. Didn't realize how much smoother it was over my Epic's stock aluminum fork. If you do get the Epic, I would suggest replacing the fork with a carbon one for a smoother ride if you need it. By the way, in stock form, with a 56cm frame, mine weighed exactly 22lbs. Good luck and happy riding!
re: Specialised EpicDaveG
Mar 15, 2001 3:35 PM
I had a '94 Epic Comp (Shimano 105) which I sold last year. I never had any problems with it, I just "needed" a new bike. I believe '94 was the last year the Epic was sold. Some Epic owners did report issues with galvonic corrosion, a reaction between the aluminum lugs and the carbon fiber. That might eventually lead to a failure. My size (58cc) had semi-steep geometry - 74deg seat angle and 74.4 head tube (according the Specialized). Handling was tight, if not a bit too quick for me. Bike is reasonbly light, although not by today's standards. Bicycling magazine did a review and claimed a 56cc frame weighed 3.6lbs - less than comparable steel but nowhere close to aluminum or other high-end CF. The weak spot on the bike in my opinion was the fork. Its a bonded aluminum model. Comfortable but not quite stiff enough for me (I weight 180lbs). Hope that helps
Mar 15, 2001 3:51 PM
Since I see you mentioned Campy, the '94 Epic base model came with Campy Stratos components. This was then Campy's least expensive group and was discontinued shortly thereafter. I upgraded to the Comp model w/105 because I felt the Stratos brakes were weak (they were single pivot) and the shifters looked kinda cheesey. As I recall the Stratos equipped model cost $1000 new.
Allez EpicWilliam
Mar 16, 2001 6:13 PM
I picked up an Epic frame that had never been built up a few months ago. I typically ride a 62cm Sworks M4, which I have just converted to a TT configuration. The Epic is a 58, and is weighing in exactly as the M4 did in its road configuration (19.2 lbs) ultegra/spox/integralter/kestrel ems fork.

I have not had a chance to take the epic out on a long ride, but the 20 miles I have ridden, I noticed the frame does feel quite stiff (good stiff). There are 2 other epics here in the area, much older than mine, very competitive CAT 2 guys, they say it's a stiff bike.

I bought mine to use as a beater, but it may be the new racer.