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Upgrade "Hormones" ...(2 posts)

Upgrade "Hormones" ...Breck
Mar 13, 2001 5:19 PM
I have never figured out the term "upgrade" means as it applies to biking equipment, or the lack of. Have puzzled over it for some time but never come up with a plausible explanation.

So by a fortuitous chance of circumstance was at the Scripps Aquarium in San Diego last week admiring the salt water pisces and happened to be standing at the Sea Anemone display admiring the symbiotic relationship between the anemone and the Percula Clown fish which I once had in the home aquarium. The Clown fish pick off the dead and dying tentacles of the anemone and in return find protection among the live sticky deadly tentacles when danger threatens, as they only are immune to it's poison.

I said to the elderly gentleman standing next to me "Hmm, that's a great relationship. Wonder who sold them on the idea?" "What's that?", the old man said. "Well, I bike a lot both road and mountain", I told him, "and the bike stores are always trying to sell me on new upgrades as an evolutionary kind of thing so was wondering what causes a person, or fish and anemone for that matter, to buy into the deal." "Oh, he said", laughing gently, "I know just what you mean".

As it turned out the old gentleman was a bio-genetics engineer at Scripps and simply goes by the name of "Doc". The question being what is the main ingredient of the suits ability to lure the common every day biker into discarding perfectly good equipment for new untried variety his reply was ... in a nut shell, "If an overabundance of "upgrade" hormones course through your system, then the decision to consider one of these noteworthy additions to your kit won't get any argument from the brain".

I could not say anything for a few moments as the simplicity of his
explanation was sinking into the neurons of my over used brain. I mulled over his statement, the logic center of my brain searching for an acceptance or refute of this preposterous idea. But this guy claimed to have received recommendation for the Nobel Prize for advanced bio-genetics in the late 90's but lost out it seems to more clone-ish aspects of the discipline that patents are now applied for. First human clones it was and just heard it on the news today that "they" were terminated after a few hours of survival.

Hmm, another Marco Pantani (mebee they can lower El Pirate's hemocrit level sum this time?), or Eddy Merckx, or ... ??? ... may be a step or two away.

Well, for lack of a better explanation I guess that explains it, some of us have this "upgrade" hormone and some of us don't, but most of us have it to some degree or 'nother I would think unless this guy truly is a nutt and that's the real reason those boyz in Genoa wouldn't give him the Prize.

What do you think ?
Do you possess this "upgrade" hormone and to what degree?

Thx for your thoughts.
Upgrade Hormone? I supply Genentech!MeDotOrg
Mar 14, 2001 1:47 PM
I must admit I am always looking at the latest "thing" that will somehow make me faster. Haven't always been this way. Seems to accompany the wish to go faster every week. Being a little compulsive/obsessive helps, too...