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? shimano dt and campy cassette ?(2 posts)

? shimano dt and campy cassette ?Trevro
Mar 12, 2001 11:58 AM
alright, so im set on buying the campy nucleons. my bike is all shimano DA/Ultegra 9 speed. apparently, campy makes a shimano version, but i cant find it anywhere for the price i found for the nucleons. can i run a campy cassette and be happy or will my bike be very unhappy...

i come from the world of mixing sram and shimano all the time with no probs....
wouldn't do dave
Mar 12, 2001 1:59 PM
Unless you plan to convert to campy shifters and rear derailleur in the future, this isn't a wise idea, IMO. Campy spacing is 4.55mm compared to shimano's 4.32mm. This is a 5% difference, which accumulates to a minimum 20% error, after four shifts. If the rear derailleur isn't adjusted perfectly on the center cog, the error will be even worse. Sure it will shift, but not as accurately, and accelerated wear problems may show up later.

I assume you're considering buying the Nucleons from totalcycling or square deals, where they go for around $540. Colorado cyclist lists the shimano version, but they want $660 for them.

For about $475 you can get Mavic Ksyriums from, which are only a little heavier, and have gotten a lot of good reviews. I got a pair of Ksyriums in October, and really like them so far.

You'll get about the same performance, a lot cheaper, with a set of 28H open pro or CXP-33's with revolution spokes, only $320 to $350, with DuraAce Hubs.