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Sea Otter Classic(3 posts)

Sea Otter ClassicSBP
Mar 12, 2001 10:19 AM
I have a few questions about the upcoming Sea Otter Classic in Monterey. What is the best way to see the road racing? Do all the races start in the same place? Where do they start? What is the best day to see the road races? Any advice would be helpful.


re: Sea Otter Classicgrz mnky
Mar 12, 2001 3:51 PM
Go to their website and down load the schedule. There is an unbelievable number of events going and the best thing to do is to drive in (early!) and pay the $6 to park (free this year if you're competing - yeah!), bring your bike to ride around and check everything out. A MTB would be best since all of the pavement is either being used by competitions (i.e. the track) or has a zillion cars looking for a parking spot. There are lots of dirt trails and paths - the distances can be quite fatiguing if you're trying to run around and see it all - they usually make everyone park way out in one huge lot.

Your best bet would be to hang around the Laguna Seca track itself - they have announcers telling you everything that is going on (they actually do a really good job) and the terrain is such that Laguna Seca is one of the most perfect places to watch races - it's like a natural theater and you can usually see about 85% of the course from most view points. Highlights would have to be around the "cork screw" a not unreasonable 300' climb followed by a deliciously twisting descent - guys during the roller blade races routinely hit 50 mph in nothing but helmets and some lycra. The bikes will be even faster. The road race leaves the track area and goes out through the hills where there are some wicked climbs and descents, but there are several laps depending on the class. It all comes down to if you like to see the riders in total agony or screaming downhill. The start and finish area is pretty cool. If you have a bit of "NASCAR" in you, be sure to hang out at turn #1 at the start of the race - some one always eats it really bad.

If you haven't been to the Sea Otter you will absolutely not believe the amount of action and eye candy. Everything from scantily clad poster girls to trials guys leaping bikes up and onto impossible objects. The half pipe with the BMX and skaters is insane, as is the extreme skating course. The MTB dual slalom is a total hoot - especially when the amatures are racing - you've never seen so many endos in your whole life. Pee your pants funny. The pros make it look so easy and they hardly ever fall. The pro road racing teams are new this year and should be a huge draw. Make sure you keep an eye out for poison oak - a product called "Tecnu" is a life saver if you get exposed - the stuff is very sneaky and blends in well. If you don't have a camping spot by now you can pretty much forget trying to camp at the track. The booths with stuff on display and some to buy is pretty impressive. Make sure to bring some layers of clothing as well as sun protection - the conditions can change quite quickly.
re: Sea Otter ClassicSBP
Mar 13, 2001 7:35 AM
Thanks for the great information!!