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Curious (survey?) about reach(11 posts)

Curious (survey?) about reachBo
Mar 12, 2001 9:02 AM
How many of you are close to the "bar hides hub" riding position that is espoused by many who give bike-fit advice? If so, what position are you in-- drops, hoods, or tops? If not, where are you, using the bar/hub relationship as a guide? After much experimenting (mostly with shorter stems), my bar has ended up 1-2cm ahead of the hub when on the hoods-- my normal riding position.

Just wondering.

re: Curious (survey?) about reachRich
Mar 12, 2001 9:11 AM
When in the drops, my bar hides the hub. when in my hoods, my bar is in front of my hub (i think). when i'm riding hard,sprinting, or in a tight pack i'm in my drops. otherwise i'm in myhoods.
just set your bike up with whatever feels the most comfortable. ratios and rules are just guidelines
re: Curious (survey?) about reachKreeger
Mar 12, 2001 9:26 AM
On my hoods, arms extended, the bar is 1 cm in front of my hub...and I still feel stretched out. I'm 5'6", my frame is a 53c with 54.5c TT and my stem is a 90mm quill with neg rise.
That's interesting.Maui
Mar 12, 2001 12:23 PM
I'm 5'7" and ride a 51cm frame (53cm top tube) with a 90mm stem. I was thinking that my bike is a little too big, but yours is even bigger than mine. And, you're a slightly smaller rider.
Mar 12, 2001 6:31 PM
I'm 5'6" and was riding a 50c w/ a 85mm stem and felt too stretched. I'm switching to a 49c.
That's interesting.Purple
Mar 12, 2001 8:36 PM
More interesting: I'm 5'7", I ride a 53 w/ 54 tt with a 130 mm stem. Just goes to show that you can't do bike fit using height.

Pretty ClosePsyDoc
Mar 12, 2001 9:39 AM
I have a 56cm bike with a 56.1 cm top tube. I have a 90 degree Ritchey quill stem that is 10 cm long. Riding on the hoods with my arms slightly bent, my bar is about 1-2 cm behind my hub, but with my arms locked the bar hides the hub. In the drops, my bar is still about 1-2 cm behind my hub. In the drops with my forearm close to level to the ground, my knees overlap my elbows about 1-2 cm. Yeah, I know, I should get a longer stem, but I am comfortable in this position. I am not really sure if I need a longer stem as I am have good flexibility.
re: Curious (survey?) about reachDaveG
Mar 12, 2001 2:06 PM
With my hands on the hoods in a comfortable riding position, my bar hides the front hub. I didn't necessarily strive for the "bar hides hub" rule, it just happened that way.
re: Curious (survey?) about reachSkip
Mar 12, 2001 2:58 PM
I'm 5'10", ride a 56 (CT), have a 110 stem, and while in a comfortable position on the hoods, my HB are 1-2 cm in front of the hub, and in the drops, they cover the hub. While on the hoods, I can stretch out so that the HB cover the hub.

Don't put too much stock in it.shmoo
Mar 12, 2001 9:41 PM
While in the hoods, my front hub happens to be totally obscured by the bar. If I drop down without moving my butt, the hub is just slightly in front of the bars. However, I'll usually scoot back just a little when in the drops (especially when in a downhill mode), which (purely coincidentally) obscures the hub again. I don't strive to achieve the "hub obscured" position in either case, and don't really subscribe to the theory. In the most comfortable and stable position on the bike (for me), it just happens to be that way given the bar and stem combo currently on the bike. Another combo (a bar with more reach coupled with a shorted stem, or visa versa) would alter the hub's visual relationship with the bar without changing my cockpit. I think, there are way too many factors involved to call on this one criteria. Height, torso, arm length, shoulder type, neck length, inseam, femur length, etc. ALL play into this. In my case, I like to establish the saddle position that will give me the best weight distribution, balance, and stability first (this is more a function of femur length and inseam). Then I fine tune my reach with the bar and stem. If I've done it right, I can ride with my hands just resting on the hoods with little or no weight on the arms. If the hub is obscured by the bar - fine. If not - that's OK too. The primary concern is comfort and balance on the bike.
re: On the hoodsSteveS
Mar 13, 2001 8:24 AM
The handlebar obscures the front hub when on the hoods on my Zeppelin and about the same on the Spectrum. Both are set up with the difference between saddle/handlebar as only about .25" ( a la Rivendell), which means that I have a longer top tube on both bikes than many, a rise stem, and a long quill and very extended headtube respectively.

Just comparing my fit to that recommended by Cyfac, it appears that I have mine very closely fine tuned to the racer fit with the exception that my handlebars are not 7-8cm below my saddle top. Everything else is pretty much the same and feels great.